Outlook Express Block Deletion

  telestar 15:23 23 Jan 2003
  telestar 15:23 23 Jan 2003

I am new to computing and I am seeking help.My inbox on Outlook Express is full of many past messages. How do I delete these enbloc, one click and they are gone?.At present I only know how to delete in single file.Thanks for any help and advice.Ron.

  obbit 15:25 23 Jan 2003

hi telestar...........hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each message so they all highlighted then click on delete

best wishes


  obbit 15:30 23 Jan 2003

hi again telestar............you can also click on the EDIt tab at the top of Outlook Express and click on "select all" then click delete and they all go.. you also need to empty deleted emails from the trash file. again click on edit and click on empty "deleted emails" folder



  €dstow 15:33 23 Jan 2003

If you want to delete the whole lot, highlight one message, press control + a. This will highlight all of them. Press delete and they're all gone but only into the deleted box.

To remove them all together, go to the Deleted box and repeat the above. Be warned - once you have done this there is no easy going back.


  jazzypop 15:34 23 Jan 2003

Click once on the first message that you want to delete.

Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll to the other end of the list.

Hold the Shift key down while you click once on the message at the opposite end of the list from where you started. You should now see that all the messages are highlighted (changed to a blue colour).

Press Delete.

All of your messages are now moved from your Inbox to your Deleted Items folder.

Assuming that you can see the Deleted Items folder to the left of the screen, right-click the Deleted Items folder, and choose Empty Deleted Items folder. The messages will then be permanently deleted.

To avoid this build-up in the future, just press Delete once you have read a message. It will then be moved from your Inbox to the Deleted Items folder.

  Peter E 15:36 23 Jan 2003

Yes, you can hold Ctrl down and select the messages one at a time - miss some out if you need to. But if you have a large continuous group to delete, hold down Shift, click on the first you want deleted and the last, all those in between will be highlighted - then press the delete key or right click and select delete from the pop-up menu. Also, remember that all deleted items will go into the deleted items folder (so they are not really gone). To delete everything in this folder, right click on its icon and choose "Empty deleted items folder" from the pop-up menu.


  telestar 15:36 23 Jan 2003

Thanks everyone for your help. I will do as you have suggested. Ron.

  jazzypop 15:38 23 Jan 2003

Just to clarify, all of the above methods will work. Which one you choose makes no real difference - you will find that one method seems easier to you than the others. Stick with that method :)

  Peter E 15:38 23 Jan 2003

Oh, not as quick as you!

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