Outlook express being selective receiving hotmail

  bluetulip 17:11 28 Sep 2009

This is strange suddenly,i'm not receiving hotmail from my friend, she says it's been sent & it doesnt get returned and one other has reported to me they have sent mail which i never received.
I've been using Outlook express with no problems for years..............has any one any ideas

  Sea Urchin 17:24 28 Sep 2009

Have you checked on the Hotmail website?

  Sea Urchin 17:30 28 Sep 2009

And do please let us know the outcome - unlike your previous thread which showed no feedback or resolution

click here

  bluetulip 17:58 28 Sep 2009

sorry ,sea urchin regarding previous thread

  bluetulip 18:09 28 Sep 2009

sorry, i should have said outlook express for my ntl mail, its others that mail me from hotmail i'm not etting

  Sea Urchin 18:26 28 Sep 2009

OK so your email is NTL - and you are not receiving mail from Hotmail - hope I've understood that correctly? So the same thing applies - have the Hotmail messages arrived on the NTL webmail site?

  bluetulip 18:31 28 Sep 2009

No, there not in NTL webmail either.

  Sea Urchin 18:40 28 Sep 2009

Then I would suggest there is problem at the sending end, or maybe they have sent to an incorrect address. If they are not in the NTL inbox then there's no way that they can arrive in your Outlook Express inbox.

  Sea Urchin 18:41 28 Sep 2009

Just a thought - do you receive any other mail from Hotmail addresses?

  bluetulip 19:24 28 Sep 2009

They never have been delivered in my NTL inbox, my friend sends them now to my hotmail( which i dont use much) and my NTL account in Outlook at the same time, there delivered to my hotmail and thats all, so i can see she has the right e-mail address for NTL.
She sends alot of mail,I'm the only one having problems.
I have received 1 hotmail from another since this problem started

  BRYNIT 19:35 28 Sep 2009

Have you logged onto NTL website logged into your account and checked that your spam filter is not set to delete all incoming spam. If it is, its possible they are being classed as spam and are being deleted.

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