Outlook Express backp / copy messages

  roygbiv 11:05 21 Nov 2007

I want to copy, all messages to CD-ROM
is there a (very) simple way (highlight/copy to ???)..Alan

  FreeCell 11:08 21 Nov 2007

click here

Does this help?

  roygbiv 11:51 21 Nov 2007

I was hoping for a very simple method !! but HEY HO

  MAJ 12:04 21 Nov 2007

Yes there are a few simple methods, roygbiv.

1. Copy the Store folder to CD, restoring it is a little trickier tho but it can be done.

2. Go into your Inbox, highlight all the messages you want to save and drag them to a new folder on the desktop (name it something like 'backup emails'. Then burn them to CD. They will be saved as .eml files and will open in OE.

  MAJ 12:05 21 Nov 2007

There is also a program which is pretty good at backing up OE emails, but it's name escapes me at the moment. If I think of it, I'll post it.

  roygbiv 12:39 21 Nov 2007

If you dont mind a (step by step) help would be great.
sorry saometimes abit slow at this lark!!..Alan

  MAJ 12:44 21 Nov 2007

Okay, roygbiv, but what exactly are you trying to backup/copy to CD? Is it just the emails in your Inbox? If it is, then you only need to use the second option I posted. If you want to backup everything in OE then the first method can be used.

  roygbiv 13:00 21 Nov 2007

Any back up is better than NOTHING.

say copying the messages, for now.(on to CDROM ?)

Sorry how do you get a "store folder" ???

  mfletch 13:07 21 Nov 2007


How to back up Outlook Express items
Step 1: Copy message files to a backup folder
Step A: Locate the Store folder1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Click Tools, and then click Options.
3. On the Maintenance tab, click Store Folder.
4. In the Store Location dialog box, copy the store location. To do this, follow these steps:a. Put the mouse pointer at one end of the box under the Your personal message store is located in the following folder box.
b. Press and hold the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse pointer across the Your personal message store is located in the following folder box.
c. Press CTRL+C to copy the location.

5. Click Cancel, and then click Cancel again to close the dialog box.
Step B: Copy the contents of the Store folder1. Click Start, click Run, press CTRL+V, and then click OK.
2. On the Edit menu, click Select All.
3. On the Edit menu, click Copy, and then close the window.
Step C: Create a backup folder1. Right-click any empty area on your desktop, click New, and then click Folder.
2. Type Mail Backup for the folder name, and then press ENTER.
Step D: Paste the contents of the Store folder into the backup folder 1. Double-click the Mail Backup folder to open it.
2. Right-click inside the Mail Backup folder window, and then click Paste.

click here

Any help?


  MAJ 13:19 21 Nov 2007

To copy just the messages in your Inbox, roygbiv.

1. Right-click a blank spot on your desktop and choose, New > Folder. A new folder will appear on your desktop, call it something like 'Email backup'.

2. Open Outlook Express, but don't have it maximised, about half the size of your screen is fine (so that you can see the new folder that you just created on the desktop. Go to your Inbox and select all the emails you want to backup. To select all emails in the Inbox at once, click on the first email in the inbox, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and while holding the Shift key down, click on the last email in your inbox. That will highlight all the emails. Now drag those highlighted emails over the new folder you created on the desktop and let go of the mouse button.

3. Those emails have now been copied to your new folder and are stored as .eml files. To open one, just double click on it. You can now burn these to CD in the normal manner.

  MAJ 13:25 21 Nov 2007

mfletch has pre-empted my next post, roygbiv, I'm sure he's now typing to tell you how to restore those files (dbx files) in case of a crash, so that will save me some typing, lol.

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