Outlook Express--Attaching files??

  six-h 13:31 06 Jun 2007

I generally use Gmail, and am struggling with outlook eapress if I want to attach an email.
Upon clicking the "paperclip", the "insert attachment" window opens at "Look In": -
"Custom" folder.
This folder contains only .ico files.
Where does this programme store the contents of your in and sent mail??

  recap 13:50 06 Jun 2007

In Outlook Express the attach file icon is on the toolbar of your new email message. click here for further help.

  GroupFC 13:50 06 Jun 2007

I am not sure that I have completly grasped the query but.... You could try right-click on the e-mail you want to attach and select "forward as attachment" that will than open a new message window with the e-mail shown as an attachment. Is that what you are trying to do?

  johndrew 14:03 06 Jun 2007

The `paperclip` only works properly after the e-mail is sent. Up to thgen you will be able to see what you have attached by clicking on them in the `attach.` bar.

To attach any document to an e-mail, the easiest way is to left click and drag it to the e-mail text area you want it on and then release the mouse button. The `Attach.` bar will open and show your attachments. They may be deleted in the usual way; right click and select `Remove`.

All e-mails are saved as .dbx files in C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities{LONG ALPHA NUMERIC}\Microsoft\OutlookExpress

I would advise you don`t attempt to edit or play with these files as you may corrupt all messages.

  six-h 14:40 06 Jun 2007

It would appear that you and I are both hampered by a terrible case of logical thought - not good when dealing with MS!
Following your suggested action, MS in its wisdom has assumed that it is most likley that you have a burning desire to attach a logo, or icon to your email, so opens to the "Custom" folder!!!
OK, I'm big enough to accept this minor irritation! but how do I navigate to my sent/received mails, in order to select the one that I wish to attach to my current message?
Playing around, I found my way to the enormously long address that johndrew refers to, and succeded in attaching the entire contents of my in box to the email!!(at least I think it would have, had I not deleted it!)
This method is what I have had to settle for, but it is less than convenient.
Half way through typing an email to one organisation, I realised that I wanted to attach a copy of a mail received from another organisation.
The only way I can do this is to start again, by opening the mail I want to attach, as an attachment, then copy and paste the "To" address and the text I had so far typed in the first place, before deleting the first attempt.
Mission accomplished! but messily! and what if I decide that I subsequently want to attach more files!!
There must be a better way?

  Whaty 14:51 06 Jun 2007

I might be wrong, it's ages since I used OE but I'm fairly sure you can drag and drop the e-mails as attachments.

Start a new e-mail and minimise it. Go to your Inbox, Sent Items, wherever the e-mail you want to attach is. Drag the e-mail you want to attach down to the task bar and (keeping the left mouse button pressed) hover over your 'new' e-mail until it opens. When your new e-mail opens you can drop the one you want to attach on to it...

Hope this makes sense... and I hope this is what you are trying to do..


  six-h 14:58 06 Jun 2007

Having "Trained" the insert attachment window" to look in my "Corres" file, at least I'm nolonger always directed to the Icons folder!!
I guess that'll be as good as it gets!
Think I'll stick with gmail, it's much more intuitive!!
Thanks for your help.

  GroupFC 15:02 06 Jun 2007

There is - whilst composing and writing your new message, find and open the e-mail you want to attach and go to File>save as give a meaningful name and easily found location. It will be saved as a .eml file.

Return to the mail that you were in the process of writing and go insert>file attachment and locate the .eml file and it should then appear as an attachment in the mail heading.

It takes much longer to write and read this, than it does to do it!

  GroupFC 15:04 06 Jun 2007

and Whaty's way is even easier!

  six-h 15:25 06 Jun 2007

This sounded promising, problem is that dragging and holding over the task bar button pops up the two items, "in box" and, the mail to which I want the attachment to go to.
Moving the pointer over the correct item, it changes to the "No entry" sign and if I then release the mouse button, there is just the "bong" that you get if you ignore an open window that's asking for instructions.
the file doesn't attach.
alternatively, dragging it below the task bar, out of sight, and releasing opens an advice window saying that you cann't drop onto the taskbar! and basically repeats you instructions, saying that the window will open automatically if you hover over it, but it doesn't open.
after several tries, it tells me that it has already done it, and do I want to replace the file with this copy?
I've mailed both options to myself, and neither have an attachment, what am I doing wrong?

  six-h 15:34 06 Jun 2007

At last, success! thanks for that, I agree, Whaty's way would be much the better solution, - if it worked.
Is there something wrong with my PC 'cos "windows" agrees with Whaty, but it doesn't happen!

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