Outlook Express also Pic on Disk

  User-178362 17:11 26 Jul 2005

Outlook Express is not curently your default mail client. Would you like to make it your default mail client? what should I do?

Then theres a box with a tick in it. Always make this check. I don't know where this came from. I was trying to put my pictures on a disk at the time, then I found it in with my pictures.

Aso haveingh problems puttingh pics on disk

  stugra 20:17 26 Jul 2005

First question would be, which email program do you use?

  User-178362 20:22 26 Jul 2005

I use Incredimail

  stugra 20:25 26 Jul 2005

Cherry, you gave 2 answers then - I guess you meant you use Incredimail.

If so, it is OK to untick the 'always make this check' box and tell it NOT to be your default email client. It should not ask you again.

  User-178362 20:40 26 Jul 2005

I put that name down as I thought that is what I am to put in the title bar.

Going back to Putting my pic on disk. I highlight them all, then write to CD. But most of the time I have too many.

I have say 500mb,= 130 pic. Putting them on a CD of 700mb. It tells me there isn't emough space on the disk?

  stugra 20:55 26 Jul 2005

what cd burning software are you using?

  Danoh 20:56 26 Jul 2005

Some software programs will show you graphically how much space your selected files will take as well as what is available on the CD-R you are using.

Are you using Windows bundled CD-writing facility? (Send to CD-R drive, or drag and drop onto the CD-R drive icon?)

Assuming that you are using brand new CD-Rs, its useful to create a new temporary folder and copy your selected pictures to that folder.

You can then check the exact size of all of your pictures by the size of that folder. If there are too many, you can move some out to a separate new folder until the total size will easily fit the max 700Mb capacity of a CD-R.

You can also defragment the drive or partition that that folder is in, to ensure all the pic files are stored contiguously next to each other for more efficient transfer while writing your CD-Rs.

Do note that to get close to storing the maximum of circa 700Mb on a CD-R, you have to copy all your pics onto the CD-R in one pass. The more passes you make in filling up a CD-R, the less the capacity it has available. Each time you start and stop a pass, extra data space is taken up by control data which has to be written to the CD-R.

I hope that helps explain things a little.

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