Outlook Express Accounts

  WightRob 09:15 26 May 2004

I am setting up a new PC running Win XP Home for family use.
I have set up a login for each family member.
I have also set up Outlook Express 6.0 accounts for each family member.
I have sucessfully assigned the Outlook account to the relevant person.
The problem I have is that when mail is received using Send/Receive the mail for all the accounts is received into the Inbox of whoever is logged in at the time.
Can anyone out ther help me separate the mail so that the relevant user gets only their own mail.

  johnnyrocker 09:18 26 May 2004

have you tried setting up message rules for each account/profile?


  recap 09:34 26 May 2004

Message rules I dont think would work here.

XP should automatically send e-mails to individual accounts. You say you "I have sucessfully assigned the Outlook account to the relevant person." Did you do this when logged on as that person or as Administrator?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:36 26 May 2004

As johnny says, the way I dealt with it is to create seperate inbox folders for each member of the family, then go into message rules (tools,message rules,mail etc..)and direct the mail for each email address into the relevant folder.

If you have privacy issues, then for the mail address you want to keep secure, enable the password for that account and then uncheck the box 'include this account when sending or receiving mail..) otherwise it will stop the whole process for everyone else and ask for the password.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:47 26 May 2004


I use XP and it works fine for me.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:52 26 May 2004

I have just read Robs post properly, and see you have set up different Windows login accounts. I didn't bother with that as I thought it was very little benefit for a lot of grief.

So I don't know if my solution will be of any use to you.

  TBH1 09:53 26 May 2004

You need to setup OE from each account ie, if you have 6 log on ids you need to log onto to each individually and configure OE with just that one account. You may be able to do that from administrator account, not sure - - I set up 4 accounts on my PC via each individual username.

  WightRob 10:32 26 May 2004

Thanks guys, but I'm still a bit confused. As TBH1 suggests I have set up each OE accout from the relevant user. Sending mail from each account works fine. Do your emails only get picked up by a particular user when they are logged in? If so then something must be set up a little differently on my system. I have tried tinkering with "Identities". Anyone know anything abot them?

  TBH1 10:40 26 May 2004

you don't need to 'tinker' with identities - - -if you go into each OE account of each user, from that users xp log-on, there should be only the one identity there. With w98, its a different ball-game where you do need different identities as most people just use the one windows logon. I am not at my xp machine right now so cannot tell you exactly what settings there are but if this still ongoing this evening, I will tell you exactly how each of my OE accounts are set up.

  wildrover 10:42 26 May 2004

Each user needs a different address - "address" and "account" can get a bit confusing when setting up OE. A likely scenario is one email account with a number of different email addresses (one or more for each user). You need to set up each user to be able to access their own email using their own email address but via the same account. Think of the account as the ISP and the address as the individual - you need to ask the ISP for the individual's mail. Doing it this way only the mail for the user who is logged on will arive at the inbox. - The drawback is that some ISPs don't allow enough addresses but there are ways round that if that is the case.

  WightRob 20:11 13 Jan 2006

Thanks for the information folks.

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