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  paddyjack 11:25 22 Mar 2003

Is there any way of forcing Outlook Express to change the order that Emails are downloaded to a comp. I have 3 accounts one of them though often contains large messages, and it insists on this one been first, although this is not the default, and it is not even alphabetically first.

The set up is 1 main account which is the default and is second on the download list. The other 2 are sub accounts.

I have tried to make the problem the default but no go.

All ideas welcome.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:33 22 Mar 2003

you could try deleting the acounts and setting them up again putting the one you wont first in first.

  paddyjack 11:50 22 Mar 2003

Tried that no difference. The accounts set up alphabetically is Ju, Ja, Tu, and read as Tu, Ju, Ja. With Ju the default

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:59 22 Mar 2003

Can you rename then so they appear as you like in order.

  Eagie 12:02 22 Mar 2003

It's not a perfect solution but you could choose not to include the account that has large files when receiving mail (just go into tools/accounts and then the properties for the account and uncheck the appropriate box).

Once all your mail is in from your other accounts you can then simply choose to recieve from the remaining account manually by pressing the down arrow next to the send/recieve icon and selecting the account.

  tbh72 12:05 22 Mar 2003

Eagie, excellent idea!!!

  paddyjack 12:07 22 Mar 2003

Yep tried it, but that acc still comes out at the top I have gone as far as naming it 'zebra' to no avail

  paddyjack 12:21 22 Mar 2003

thanks Eagie will do that.

There is another way, you could use different identities for each account. First delete your email accounts and go to file, Identities, then create different identities then place email accounts in your identities. Then when you start outlook you only receive emails from the identity your currently on and you can switch identities.

  Eagie 14:00 22 Mar 2003

Using indentities is a good idea but has its downside. Obviously it would keep all the mail seperate, which may be what you require anyway, but wouldn't be able to access mail from one account whilst downloading for one of the others (i.e. the large, time consuming one).

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