outlook express

  pat2068 20:04 12 Mar 2003

outlook express will not hold my password i have tried making a new account but it still dosent worl i have been told that i have to remove a file from my registry i dont know if it is true or what file i would remove can you help

  VoG™ 20:09 12 Mar 2003

Assuming you're running Windows XP click here

  AndyJ 20:09 12 Mar 2003

Have a look at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 216382 click here;en-us;216382.

It may be what you're looking for

  pat2068 20:21 12 Mar 2003

can you tell me how to reinstall my registry from back up

  VoG™ 20:22 12 Mar 2003

If you save it to the desktop, double click the icon to restore.

  pat2068 20:28 12 Mar 2003

do i have to delete all the subkeys or is there a certain one i can delete only for outlook express

  VoG™ 20:31 12 Mar 2003

"To resolve this issue in all of your identities, you must delete all of the user subkeys folders under the Protected Storage System Provider key."


  pat2068 21:11 12 Mar 2003

i am frightened to delete them all when itis only outlook express that has the problem

  pat2068 21:37 12 Mar 2003

could someone please tell me which key i need to take out of my registry i dont want to take them all when it is just outlook express that is the problem all other passwords hold ok

  VoG™ 22:11 12 Mar 2003

Just follow the instructions - in the Knowledgebase article that I posted - to the letter.

If you are not happy about doing this then you will have to get somebody else to do it or live with the annoyance. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is the reality. We cannot see your machine.

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