Outlook Express 6 in Win98se

  speedbird_zero1 17:26 25 Oct 2003

i emptied my inbox getting rid of a whole load of old emails, i followed them through to the deleted bin and got rid of them there as well. Now i am unable to open OE, i just get the egg timer symbol revolving, then after about 30 secs if i click Ctrl,Alt and Del it shows OE Not Reponding. I dont really want to delete it and re-install it as i need all the addresses in my address book, and some of my remaining emails. Any advise would be gratefully accepted.Any info you do give please make it basic speak as i am not too "techy".
Thank You. Mike

  R4 17:34 25 Oct 2003

Try 'Detect and Repair' in Word as OE is a part of the Office Suite. You will nee your Office CD.

  VoG II 17:38 25 Oct 2003

No, sorry, OE is not part of Office - Outlook (not Express) is.

Yoy could try a repair of Internet Explorer which should repair OE as well click here

  R4 17:47 25 Oct 2003

I stand corrected but I OE stood for Outlook, can't imagine using anything else.

  powerless 17:51 25 Oct 2003

OE - Outlook Express

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:52 25 Oct 2003

A reinstall is usually the best option. If you decide to do this post here and you will be guided through saving addresses etc., it is very simple to save all your info.

Usually when I re-install OE, deleting the old version will not delete the messages, emails, info etc. but a backup is a safe bet.


  speedbird_zero1 18:43 25 Oct 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> In the words of Ned Flanders Oakley Dokely old friend, i will do a re-install. if you wouldn't mind taking me through it.
Thanks. Mike

  speedbird_zero1 13:11 27 Oct 2003

many thanks for all the help. what i did was to install Outlook form MS Office and it seemed to clear any blockage, and OE then started to work fine. I uninstalled Outlook and have had no problems since.

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