Outlook Express 6 question

  Chris Webster 22:05 18 Nov 2005

There is probably a very simple answer to my question but it's stumped me.

A mate has 2 email accounts in O.E 6, one for personal and one for business. He can send and receive from both with no problem but when he hits the reply button on a personal email his business address is put into the 'from' field. How does he get it to put his personal address in the 'from' field. At the moment he has to click the drop down box and select his personal address.

Cheers Chris.

  Chris Webster 23:25 18 Nov 2005


  westwit 23:52 18 Nov 2005

If he wants to use mostly his personal address for outgoing emails he should change that account to be his default under the "Tools / Accounts / Mail" menu option, by highlighting the account and clicking the "Set as default" button on the right side.

  acfc 08:03 19 Nov 2005

When composing an e mail above the To: line is the account which will be used to send the message. With 2 accounts set up there will be a drop down list to select which account is used to send

Alternatively he could seperate the accounts by setting up different identities in OE.

  Chris Webster 21:45 19 Nov 2005

His personal account is set as the default, the problem only arises when replying to emails via the reply button. Replying to an email to his personal email address puts his business email address in the 'from' field. He can change it by using the drop down box if he remembers to do it.

Cheers Chris.

  westwit 01:37 20 Nov 2005

I don't know why this is happening, then. I also have two OE6 accounts, and when I hit reply to an email the address appearing in the "From" field is whichever account the original was sent to. When composing a new email it is the default address that appears in the "From" field.

Perhaps someone else knows what's happening to your friends OE6.

  Chris Webster 14:26 20 Nov 2005

Yes it's default address appearing in the 'From' field when composing a new email.

Cheers Chris,

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