Outlook Express 6 hangs when "Sent Items" clicked

  Havasupai 06:16 14 Apr 2004

I'm stuck with this one. It started to happen yesterday after I had a cleanout of my Inbox and Sent Items folders. All other Local Folders are accessible. Program works fine in every respect but stops responding when I want to look at my Sent Items. Any ideas?

  scotty 08:22 14 Apr 2004

Clearing out folders in OE does not get rid of the information. There is an option to compress the files (found under the File menu I think). This may cure your problem.

  Havasupai 10:14 14 Apr 2004

Thanks for that Scotty but if you refer to the compacting checkboxes in Tools/maintenance, they are already ticked.

I have a feeling it may be necessary to uninstall IE and OE and start again, hopefully without losing messages, favourites etc. Trouble is if there is some conflict going on that won't sort it either!

Anyone else had the problem?

  scotty 10:52 14 Apr 2004

I use an older version of OE which does not automatically compress. Found this relating to v6:

"Although Outlook Express 6 automatically compresses your mail folders when they reach 20 percent wasted space, you might want to compress periodically the folders manually. To do this, run Outlook Express and choose Tools|Options. When the Options dialog box opens, click the Maintenance tab.

Click Clean Up Now. When the Local File Cleanup dialog opens, click Compact. When the operation finishes, click Close. Back in Options, click Close to dismiss the dialog box."

I have known OE to be temperamental if you have too many e-mails in a folder. If this is the problem, you may get it working with a compress now.

Each of your folders is stored in a file with extension dbx. You can archive these files and recover them after a re-installation. Alternatively, you could archive them then delete the originals one by one to see if an individual file is causing the problem.

TIf it is a corrupt dbx file, there are repair tools available for OE dbx files. A Google search will point you in the right direction.

  Havasupai 14:46 14 Apr 2004

Thanks again. I don't actually believe my problem is or now hopefully was related to folders with too many messages. I carried out a defrag on the hard disk this morning and since then I have not had the problem, but it was intermittant before so fingers crossed.

This is my first use of the PCA Forum - I am impressed.

  Stuartli 15:59 14 Apr 2004

I have more than 2,500 e-mails in my Inbox folder, 3,910 in the Sent folder and 2,113 in the Deleted folder at the moment (the folders are compressed)...:-)

They are kept for reference purposes which has proved very useful on a number of occasions.

There is a repair facility for OE in Add/Remove Programs by double clicking on OE in earlier versions such as Windows98SE; this link will assist with XP:

click here

  scotty 16:54 14 Apr 2004


Not sure what version of OE you use, but there are many reports of (and I have experienced) OE hanging when you switch to a folder with a few hundred messages. I think I saw this with v5.

Like you I hold on to lots of old stuff but to avoid the problem I create separate folders (e.g. Inbox2002 etc.)

Regarding Havasupai's problem, agree the repair option should be tried before a re-install. Also found useful tips click here including ways of rescuing messages from problematic .dbx files.

  GaT7 17:50 14 Apr 2004

Havasupai - if the problem recurs try these:

In OE do a File -> Folder -> Compact all Folders (do this while 'working offline').

Also try to disable Background Compacting (in Options\Maintenance) and frequently perform the manual compact instead. click here to read more.

Don't let the Inbox or Sent Items folders get too large. Instead keep moving them to other local folders created for this purpose.

At times your AV scanner can cause such problems. Disable it to see if it helps.

  Havasupai 11:36 15 Apr 2004

Crossbow7 - the problem did recur and I have followed your advice and it seems to have fixed it for now. I shall try to establish which of the two actions did the trick - the Compact All Folders or unchecking the Compact in Background box. What's an AV Scanner?

I am fairly sure the problem was not the result of the folders being too full; it did not occur until (immediately) AFTER I had emptied the Inbox and Sent Items folders.

Anyhow I'm hoping for the best and thanks again to those who have helped in this thread.

  GaT7 17:19 15 Apr 2004

for the time being at least : )

AV Scanner = Antivirus Scanner

The mere action of emptying the [overflowing] Inbox & Sent folders could've upset OE's normal functioning, as it probably did for you. I was suggesting that you keep moving messages from these folders (before they get too full) as a preventive measure only - not a cure.

Hope you don't have these problems again. Please return to the Forum (if you can remember!) when you feel your problem is definitely solved. Let us know how you're getting on & also put a check in the 'resolved' box. You've been very good as a first timer to the Forum, & may I take the pleasure to welcome you on behalf of us ALL. Regards, G

  Havasupai 17:50 15 Apr 2004

Kind words - this is much easier than hiring a 17 year old genius to fix things!

I will wait a day or so before ticking the resolved box, but so far so good. And AV Scanner... I had gone down the audio visual route! AVG seems to work for me. Regards likewise.

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