Outlook express

  femme2 19:53 23 Mar 2013

Suddenly to forward mail the-to-where a email client addy usually appears does not work. You can type it in manually but it wont fill in the email Windows7 intexp 10 Thankyou

  lotvic 21:04 23 Mar 2013

Can you explain more please, because if you have Windows 7 then you cannot have Outlook Express as your email client. So you must have a different email client, I wonder if you are confusing it with the new Hotmail which is now Outlook.com

Outlook Express was/is the email client program on a pc that came with XP and W98 op systems.

Outlook.com is the new renamed Hotmail and is Webmail and not a program on your pc. You access it via your browser (IE10 or firefox or whatever browser you use)

Or maybe you have Microsoft Office and are using the Office program called Outlook?

  femme2 21:59 23 Mar 2013

I think you are right it came on my pc so likely is outlook.com It suddenly is causing problems to forward messages--it wont pick up the email addresses in the -to-or bbc it will go in manually but not the easy way thankyou

  lotvic 22:25 23 Mar 2013

"it came on my pc so likely is outlook.com"

Let us know when you can definitely tell us what it is so that the relevant advice can be offered.

For example: is it your hotmail email address and you have to open IE10 and then go to Hotmail">https://mail.live.com/?owa=1&owasuffix=owa%252f&id=64855&snsc=1&cbcxt=mail">Hotmail Outlook.com to sign in. (or if you didn't have a hotmail address before is it a new Outlook.com email you have and that is the page you go to to sign in)

  lotvic 22:29 23 Mar 2013

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-com/ link should tell you more. Previous link not working at mo'

  femme2 22:35 23 Mar 2013

Its a new email that was on my pc when I got it new I have hot mail but not on this account it must be outlook.com I checked the link you posted but no idea how to fix it Thanks so much

  rdave13 22:40 23 Mar 2013

What Operating System are you using?

  femme2 23:11 23 Mar 2013

Windows 7 internet explorer10 It was fine for 2 months now suddenly its not allowing me to forward using the to field no emails of my contacts show in there now thanks Dave

  femme2 23:18 23 Mar 2013

I just now noticed all my contact list is missing what a mess

  rdave13 23:52 23 Mar 2013

Try downloading Windows Live Mail client and adding your Outlook addy, from Windows Essentials.


  lotvic 23:59 23 Mar 2013

What is the part of the email address after the @

for example: @outlook.com (or whatever it is)

The details you have given so far are too vague for me, so please give us more details of what programs etc you have to click on to get to, and open your email.

I can't even guess yet if it is Webmail or POP3 etc.

You say "Its a new email that was on my pc when I got it new" Did someone else set up the email and the pc for you?

Is the pc new from a shop? What make and model is it?

Until more is known I am unable to offer any more advice and suggestions.

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