Outlook Express

  March Wind 19:01 09 Jul 2011

Using Windows XP and Outlook Express, also Mail. I would like to use only (O.E). I do not know how to delete address that I think I do not need. I am getting mixed up on which to click on. I have tried to go into Tools then Account using OE but there isn't an Account to delete the ones I think I do not need. Could you tell me please how do I find accounts in OE as it isn't under Toopls?

  Crosstrainer2 19:08 09 Jul 2011

The link below tells you how to Uninstall live mail, so that is step one.

Before you do, make a note of your email settinfgs (or post your ISP and I will find then for you)


Note your email address and password down as well (don't post them here though)

  AroundAgain 19:08 09 Jul 2011

All accounts in OE6 are Tools->Accounts. Click the 'mail' tab, if you want to see only email account(s)

If there is nothing there, then you haven't set up an account there

I have Win XP but have never had Win Mail. It's on Vista, though

  Crosstrainer2 19:23 09 Jul 2011


I think the idea here is to get rid of Live Mail (which is truly awful to use)And set up an email account in Outlook Express.

At least I think that's what March Wind is trying to do.

I've never seen it on XP either, but the article states it will work so I guess it was offered as an optional download. (Windows Live Essentials)

Perhaps installed by mistake?

  March Wind 20:17 09 Jul 2011

Thank you for your reply. Looks as if the prob has gone. But I do have one left to do with email. I am sending pic 9 in total at 600picels but the email keeps saying error after along time of sending. Do you think it is because there are too many pic?

  Crosstrainer2 21:11 09 Jul 2011

Yes, try reducing the number.

  AroundAgain 01:03 10 Jul 2011

My understanding of the OP was how to find the email account in OE.
My apologies if I've misunderstood

  March Wind 14:07 11 Jul 2011

Around Again. You were right but the prob was sorted. I think I was trying to find Accounts whilst in new mail. I found it when I only had outlook up and not in new mail. Then I went onto another prob but all is well now. Thank you all for your help.

  March Wind 14:09 11 Jul 2011


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