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  fish 18:14 17 Nov 2007

My 'Blocked Senders'list has become rather large over the years and I would like to remove its contents 'en block' Doing one at a time I would miss Christmas!
I am on OE 6. Is there a way please?

  johnnyrocker 18:18 17 Nov 2007

it may be the same as deleting mail in that on holdsctrl or shift and highlights many then delete?


  woodchip 18:20 17 Nov 2007

click on one, then hold shift key and click on one further down, right click them and delete

  fish 18:46 17 Nov 2007

Thanks johnnyrocker and woodchip but that was should happen but it doesn't for me

  johnnyrocker 18:49 17 Nov 2007

can you highlight one then use a down arrow to list a few?


  Sea Urchin 19:27 17 Nov 2007

Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to highlight more than one blocked sender at a time in OE. But you can delete them fairly quickly by highlighting the first one - clicking Remove and then confirm OK. Then you can click Remove again without highlighting and confirm etc., back and forth. It's a good mouse exercise.

  woodchip 19:32 17 Nov 2007

Or as above and just keep clicking Del key

  Sea Urchin 19:59 17 Nov 2007

Unfortunately no Delete key available for Blocked Senders list in OE

  Sea Urchin 20:00 17 Nov 2007

Sorry scrub that

  beeuuem 20:57 17 Nov 2007

From click here

Remove All Blocked Senders at Once in Outlook Express

To empty your list of blocked senders in one go in Outlook Express:
Go to your Outlook Express settings in the Windows registry.
Make a backup copy of the list of blocked senders.
Click on the Block Senders key with the right mouse button.
Select Delete from the menu.
Click Yes.

That's it. Outlook Express should start with an empty list of blocked senders now.

Note that this method of deleting blocked senders removes both the list of blocked email and the list of blocked news senders.

  fish 13:14 18 Nov 2007

Thanks everybody for your help and suggestions. I used the Windows registry method which worked well.

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