Outlook Express

  the golfer 17:11 20 Jul 2007

Starting OE --- 'WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO OFFLINE.' No connection to the Internet is currently available. To view Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work Offline. Click try again to attempt to connect'.
I have a broadband connection and is online when the computer starts.Can anyone help with this annoying problem?? Using Win XP and IE 7

  daba 17:35 20 Jul 2007

In Tools->Options, Connections Tab, ensure that the setting "Outlook Express Shares your Internet Connection Settings with Internet Explorer" is true.

If not, click on "Change", and set it to be so.

And, in the individual mail accounts, check that the Account Connection Properties are not set to use an alternative connection strategy, i.e. Uncheck the "Always connect to this account using..." property.

  the golfer 17:49 20 Jul 2007

Thanks for your reply daba. Everything is set as you have said, but the problem persists. This happens occasionally when IE 7 loads as well.

  daba 18:19 20 Jul 2007

This just may be an issue with timing, as I occasionally get the same problem with IE6 on W2K. I just click retry and it wakes it up.

Might be a firewall issue, as the firewall may be acting as a proxy server to IE and OE.

Has this problem just surfaced?, or have you always had it. Have you recently added or changed anything (firewall, A/V, pop-up blocker, etc.)?

  daba 18:19 20 Jul 2007

I just had the problem as I clicked on "Post Response" that last post....

  the golfer 21:47 20 Jul 2007

The problem has only happened since I had to do a Couple of System Restores to fix problems and installed Diskeeper Lite.

  Taff™ 09:45 21 Jul 2007

Open Internet Explorer and go to tools>internet options and then the connections tab. Make sure that "Never dial a connection" is selected.

  the golfer 16:10 21 Jul 2007

'Never dial a connection' is selected. Problem still there.

  Platon 16:21 21 Jul 2007

I used Outlook Express to retrive my email from my mail server, but i forgot to click the option to leave a copy of the email on server.Now i have all my emails on my desktop computer at home, but i also need those email on my email server !

So the question is:
Can i copy the mail from Outlook Express back to the mail server ??

Please give me only positive answers !!!

  Taff™ 08:48 22 Jul 2007

How many are there? You could forward them individually but make sure "leave copy on the server" is selected this time.

Alternatively copy all the OE files to a disk and take them into work. Import them into a clean OE and then use the Export function to put them back into Outlook or Outlook Exchange. This depends on the set up of your mail server. There may be a way of importing them directly into your mail server but we would have to know what programme the mail server is running.

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