outlook express

  dan12 13:02 24 Jan 2006

Hi again,
on opening outlook express this morning have the following error:-click here

Not used outlook since i went on line with broadband last october,so have not addressed the problem since then.
I mainly use bt yahoo or hotmail but would be nice to use outlook also.

  bugzy-no1 20:26 24 Jan 2006

i think their is a sulution on windows knollage base u can try that (some thing to try)
hope it helps

  Methedrine 22:23 24 Jan 2006

Has Outlook Express been configured with the correct settings (POP3 and SMTP)for your ISP?

  Methedrine 22:28 24 Jan 2006

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  DieSse 23:03 24 Jan 2006

Are you supposed to have Secure Password Authentification ticked? - try it without.

  dan12 00:09 25 Jan 2006

once again thanks to all,
will try out responses and get back to you.

  Night Ryder 00:54 25 Jan 2006

Perhaps the accoumt belonging to the server provider you changed from has closed your account?

Happened to me when I changed from Yahoo to BT.

  dan12 14:25 25 Jan 2006

H all,

well did as diesse, advised and yes it resolved the error message and my mail came through, however when i went to send an e-mail i recieved further box:-

click here

which i didnt think had anything to do with my email.
so contacted isp who went through set up and all was fine he also advised to uncheck Secure Password Authentification.

They said it was a microsoft issue, so contacted m\ soft who wanted to charge about 50 pound for some technical advise which for now i declined.
so can recieve but not send in outlook express.
as said before dont have a problem with my bt yahoo e-mail.

am aware that microsoft will be withdrawing support for windows me but didnt think it was till june 06 maybe thats why they wanted to charge me!

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