outlook express

  spudjuice 14:28 21 Mar 2004

when reading my mail in O.E,the page suddenly drops down to the taskbar and the browser page appears from beneath...is there an adjustment I can make to stop this happening??

I am running WinXP ..

ta much.

  darkerblue 14:44 21 Mar 2004

after the adjustmemt progress,did the interface restore normally?

  spudjuice 15:09 21 Mar 2004

everything is as normal except for the mail page dissapearing at unexpected times.
frustrating when trying to read mail.
just wondered what option to take in O.E settings to halt this..

ta much,


  Stuartli 15:15 21 Mar 2004

Have you just prior to the browser page appearing sought a new page or refresh it?

If you have, the new browser page will come up seemingly by default.

I find this happens when I have OE and two or three web pages open at the same time and set one to refresh or go to a new page - the new page seems to take priority automatically once loaded.

  spudjuice 18:33 21 Mar 2004

how do I stop it refreshing automatically?

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