Outlook express

  Rubroy 15:57 08 Feb 2004

How do I stop my mail messages opening automatically whenever I open outlook express.
Thanks for any help

  hugh-265156 16:01 08 Feb 2004

view/layout untick "show preview pane"

  hugh-265156 16:02 08 Feb 2004

sorry also check tools/options/read

untick "auto download messages when viewing in the preview pane"

  Rubroy 16:24 08 Feb 2004

Thanks Huggy-AOK now. Simple when u Know how isn't it? Again Tks 4 yr help.

  Rubroy 16:24 08 Feb 2004

Thanks Huggy-AOK now. Simple when u Know how isn't it? Again Tks 4 yr help.

  Stuartli 17:36 08 Feb 2004

You should disable the Preview Pane in any case (permanently) as this is the key factor in allowing viruses etc to set about their work.

Just clicking on an infected e-mail can set one in action.

  Rubroy 17:45 09 Feb 2004


Yes indeed, which is the reason I asked. Can one do anymore than I have already (see previous responses). My preview pabe is now 'off' to all intents and purpose. Is there a way of making this more permanent?

As a matter of discussion, why do yoy suppose microsoft in their wisdom provide a pre- pane viewer in the first place - and make it the default on a new or reinstalled system (which is how this came about) when they are as keen as anuone to prevent virus attacks?

  hugh-265156 23:47 09 Feb 2004

if you want to step things up another notch you can also set your read mail to "plain text" only as a virus can be sent with html mail but not plain text.tools/options/read tick "read all messeges in plain text"

maybe also turn off allow atachments too.tools/options/security tick "do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"

note if someone sends an html mail to you then you will have to turn off plain text again to view it.or turn on attachments again to save a file or photo attachment etc.personally i allow them and just dont open anything im not expecting.

you can preview messages without downloading them,block a lot of spam etc using mailwasher click here

  DieSse 00:51 10 Feb 2004

I always have the preview pane on, as I find it useful.

With a decent AV program, the chance that you'll get a virus by having the pre-view pane on, are infinitesimal, if not smaller.

  Stuartli 09:42 10 Feb 2004

Sorry, but you might find you are very wrong one day....:-)


Providing the Preview Pane is disabled (keep an eye on it to make sure it's not been inadvertently re-enabled!) you should be OK.

  Stuartli 09:45 10 Feb 2004

If you enable Do not open attachments that may potentially contain a virus then OE tends to block the majority of them - it's very ineffective in any case.

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