outlook email on safari browser

  hawthorn59 04:07 05 Feb 2014

Hi Folks

Sorry if this is in the wrong place; I posted it in Iphone forum but it seems to be very quiet there!

Outlook on my iPhone5 using Safari is behaving strangely lately. I notice messages are disappearing, message folders emptying themselves, etc etc recently. I tried to send an attachment by email and I couldnt find a button for attachments. Someone online suggested that I go into settings (the gear icon). Thats missing too!

Is it an iphone problem or a Safari problem, or Outlook itself? I am using ios7, I cant remember if it was like that with ios 6 as I dont use the email too often. I think it only happened since I got ios 7.



  Woolwell 10:19 05 Feb 2014

I don't think that you can do conventional attachments with iOS 6 or 7.

You start with the photo or document and then send as email and I don't think that works with webmail.

Are you accessing Outlook from another device as well as the iPhone.

  hawthorn59 22:08 05 Feb 2014

Yes I only use outlook occasionally. But I have used it on iphone, ipad, and laptop. I am fairly sure before ios7 that I sent attachments from Ipad to my laptop at home. Sometimes its the easiest way to get Pages docs onto a laptop.

but now I dont seem to be able to; cant even see the gear settings icon.

its okay on laptop. Maybe its just an ios7 quirk. if so I will have to think of changing to android next time I have money!


  Woolwell 22:30 05 Feb 2014

I don't have a gear settings and as I stated you cannot attach a document from Pages using webmail. You can open Pages and then with the document open send it via email but it uses the email app.

You can transfer the document to Dropbox and share that way. With document open in Pages use the icon (box plus up arrow), Open in Another App, Choose pdf or Word, Choose app Open in Dropbox and Save.

  hawthorn59 02:44 06 Feb 2014


It really seems a roundabout way of doing things. I tried gmail tonight, through the Safari browser and yes it will send an attachment but only a photo from camera!

Will Apples own mail do it I wonder? Though i suppose sending it direct from pages isnt too bad.

Is all this simpler on Android....?

thanks for your help!


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