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  osben 12:29 07 Mar 2006

I have two email accounts and am using Outlook 2002 and currently when I want to get my emails for both of them I click on "send/receive" and all emails for both accounts come up on the same screen

I want to be able to collect the emails for each account seperately because one email account is for my business and one is for private and I do not want to jumble them up. Is there anyway that I can click on a button to say collect emails for "acount 1" and also click on a button and say get emails for "account 2"

That way I can save all emails that cme through for each seperate account and not have to sort through them saving different emails to either of the two accounts.

Hope the above makes sense and look forward to your help.


  rawprawn 12:33 07 Mar 2006

Outlook/Tools/Send or Receive and chose which account from the drop down list.

  Jackcoms 12:57 07 Mar 2006

Or what about Message Rules?

Create 2 new folders in your Inbox (call them Personal and Business or something similar).

Then create 2 Message Rules along the lines of "If the address starts with (whatever your personal adderss is) - put e-mails in the Personal folder."

Then create a second similar rule for your business e-mails.

  Taff™ 14:42 07 Mar 2006

In Outlook go to Tools>Options and on the Mail Setup Tab under Send/Receive select the button to the right. Under Group Name select "New" Type in Business as the name for the Group and then in the next dialogue box you will have a list of each e-mail account in the left hand column. By selecting each one individually and ticking the box "Include this account in send receive" will turn the "X" against each e-mail account into a pair of circular arrows. Obviously only include your business e-mail accounts.

Repeat for a group called Private.You then select the "Group" from the drop down list as Rawprawn suggests. This is useful if you have more than one Business e-mail or personal e-mail address.

The setup of message rules is also a great idea. Could I also suggest you consider the option within each account to "Leave a copy on the server" As a mobile (Laptop) user I always used this to have e-mails downloaded to my laptop when I was out of the office or working from home, however my office machine would actually act as the master computer and download the e-mails completely so that I had copies of everything on the office machine when I returned to base. If you are in this situation, without setting something up similar you will end up with some messages downloaded to your office machine & some on your laptop. Not sure if this applies in your case though.

  osben 16:37 07 Mar 2006

Thanks for your help guys. I am probably being extremely thick here but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I have now got three send/receive groups and two accounts but nothing has altered on the OUTLOOK main screen

Taff™ when I go to “send/receive”groups and create a group name called “business” then press edit to go to the next dialogue box, click on my business email box on the left, tick the “include this account in send receive” box and click ok and do the same for a new account called Private which I include in my existing email account.

I then look at the “folder list on the left of the main OUTLOOK screen nothing has changed.

I thought I would be able to show two distinct email tabs or something so that when I wanted to send an email via each email account, all I needed to do was click on a tab or something. And the same applies for receiving.

Do I still have to do what Rawprawn suggested each time I send emails.

Sorry to sound confused.


  rawprawn 17:20 07 Mar 2006

I think that from what you are saying that you have tried to do as Taff™ suggested, but have you made a folder for them to go into ?. Or just try my way if you find it complicated

  rawprawn 17:21 07 Mar 2006

Follow Jackcoms instructions and you should be OK to create both folders and rules.

  osben 17:36 07 Mar 2006


Jackcoms - OK so I've created the folders but just exactly where do I type in the message rules. The only place I can find is "rules Wizard" and there does not seem to me anywhere I can type in a message like that. Being a Wizard, it will only allow me to place a pr-defind message in.

Can you lead me through it.

Many thanks

  Jackcoms 20:13 07 Mar 2006

"Can you lead me through it."

No, I can't because I use OE, not Outlook.

But logic tells me that the Outlook Rules wizard will be similar to the OE Rules wizard.

Suck it and see.

  Taff™ 00:26 08 Mar 2006

OK How many e-mail accounts do you have? Business and Private. Are they from the same ISP?(Internet Service Provider) I think I may have overcomplicated the question so I`m l`m leaning toward Rawprawn and let`s undo it first and start again.

  Taff™ 09:32 08 Mar 2006

Open the wizard and select the "Start from a blank rule" Highlight by selecting "Check when messages arrive" and click next.

Tick the box next to "Through the specified account" and then in the bottom box click the underlined word "specified" and select your business e-mail account from the drop down list. At the next screen tick "Move it to the specified folder" and click the underlined "Specified" in the bottom box.

At this point you can select the folder you have created for your business mail OR click "New" and type in "Inbox - Business" for example. This will create the sub-folder under your normal Inbox.

You should click the Next button which will display Exceptions buut I don`t think any will apply in this case so click next again. Tick the box "Run this rule now on messages in the Inbox" and then Finish.

If you need to you can set up a rule for your personal mail but this will leave your traditional Inbox empty so you might not need to!

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