Outlook E-mails

  osben 11:17 06 Oct 2005


When I am in a website and click on the website's e-mail address, my outlook opens up as it should do.

I then complete the email and press send and I then automatically return to the website.

However, the email is not sent and I have to go back into Outlook and find it is still in my out box.

I have to click on the email and open it up and then send. This time it goes.

This happens evrytime I send an email via an address from a website but apart from that Outlook operates correctly.

Has anyone got any ideas as to why this happens and how I can correct it??


  Grantrh 11:21 06 Oct 2005

This isn't a problem, its the way you have set up Outlook express I think.

As I remember there is an option in the settings to send emails immediately tick it and you should be fine.

  Grantrh 11:23 06 Oct 2005

Its in OE tools menu select options and then the send tab and then check the send email immediately box. Hope this helps.

  Jackcoms 11:45 06 Oct 2005

osben stated s/he is using Outlook, not OE.

  Grantrh 12:04 06 Oct 2005


  osben 12:59 06 Oct 2005


Now that we have established it's OUTLOOK (only joking) has anyone any other ideas.

However, I have looked at the setup and I can't find anything that relates to this problem.


  slaphead2 13:36 06 Oct 2005

Get rid of outlook - it caused me no end of trouble - install another e-mail prog like 'encredimail or eudora' - end of troubles !

  rawprawn 13:59 06 Oct 2005

Outlook/Tools/Options/Mail Set up/Tick box "Send immediately when connected"

  osben 15:05 06 Oct 2005


rawprawn - I already have "Send immediately when connected" ticked.

As I said, it only happens with email addresses clicked on whilst on a website. Sending emails instigated by me, I have no problem with.


  rawprawn 15:39 06 Oct 2005

If that is the case, sorry I don't know the answer. In fact I have just tried on my machine and it is the same as yours.

  goffer23 16:13 06 Oct 2005

Is it time related or is it that the message is never sent uless you open it and then send?
If time related then: tools/options/mail setup and alter the scheduled send/receive time.

I use outlook myself and can't remember this happening to me. However, I never have a record of messages sent off a webpage

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