Outlook deletes my Thunderbird emails...

  nick_j007 13:29 05 Nov 2007

Hello all,

This has happened before, it's just happened now and my inbox is empty as a result of this problem so I need some help please.

I use Outlook for my diary and contacts, and Thunderbird for my email. I may sometimes notify my partner of a new appointment by using the invite option in Outlook.

I decided to delete all the emails from Outlook (It was then set to delete from the waste bin also:-( as they were not needed there.
When I returned to Thunderbird my inbox was emptier than an empty thing in amptyville :-( Not quite the way I intended to work today.
They seem to be gone beyond redemption too. I think I can live with it anyway, but this needs to stop for the future.

Is it something to do with the server setting?
How can I use Outlook for occasional email sending, but not to receive all the emails into Outlook, or for Outlook to not disturb thunderbird again in the future?

Hope this is clear?


  nick_j007 20:06 05 Nov 2007

I've set Thunderbird to leave messages on Server...until I delete them.

This should solve it right?

  bretsky 23:24 05 Nov 2007

I use T/Bird as my email client address book and diary all rolled into one, you need this ad-on click here for the diary.

bretsky ;0)

  nick_j007 14:30 07 Nov 2007

Thank you bretsky...looks very interesting...would it synch with my Windows Mobile phone as a diary do you think?


  bretsky 18:21 07 Nov 2007

To be honest, not to sure but you might find something here if you have the time to trawl through the pages click here

Sorry I couldn't help more.

bretsky ;0)

  nick_j007 01:05 10 Nov 2007

That's fine...thanks for the reply...

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