Outlook default mailbox with IMAP account?

  Wanderfly 10:29 17 Feb 2011

Hi all, again!

Does anyone know how in Outlook 97 mail to make an IMAP account the default inbox?

At the moment when I open Outlook it opens the default Inbox, which would be fine if it were a POP account.

I then have to click on my mail [email protected]
to read my msgs.

I've heard that you can't have an IMAP account as the default Inbox, but is there anyway of getting outlook to open my Inbox first?


  Woolwell 10:47 17 Feb 2011

Outlook will create the IMAP inbox separately from the pop inbox. It is a long time since I used Outlook 97 but you should be able to go to Tools - Options - Under Options, select the tab called Other. Under this tab, select the Advanced button. You should be able to browse to change the folder you want Outlook to start up in and that should show the IMAP inbox.

  Wanderfly 11:19 17 Feb 2011

I'm sorry, my mistake.
It's Outlook 2007, only 10 years out!
It's probably the same though?

  Woolwell 12:19 17 Feb 2011

It is the same.

  Woolwell 12:38 17 Feb 2011

ps it works as I have mine set up that way.

  Woolwell 19:51 19 Feb 2011

Did it work?

  robin_x 19:57 19 Feb 2011

I had problems with Outlook 2000 when I upgraded to W7.

Had to get a couple of wab dlls downloaded and I could only get one IMAP account to work at a time.

Gave up in the end (after some days of Googling) and switched to Thunderbird.

Just fyi.

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