Outlook contacts first name last name

  Crostini 20:15 28 Oct 2010

I have my contacts (1242 of them) First name then last name. I know all my contacts personally by their first names and think of thme that way.
I'm using outlook 2003.

Having decided to import a copy into my laptop for convenience I discovered that it wont keep them in this order. (to top that the emails are missing) I have checked the .csv & xls files created from pc and all is well.
I have checked the outlook settings are set for first name last name.
I even deleted all existing emails (my rules probably wont work)

Any ideas??

  Woolwell 22:43 28 Oct 2010

It is Outlook 2003 on the laptop too?

Have you tried exporting as a pst file and importing that?

I assume that on each individual contact they are filed as first name last name and that under options the default file order is first, last.

  Crostini 10:50 29 Oct 2010

Both machines on OUtlook 2003.
If I import pst file it overwrites existing emails & folders..

I have them filed as first name, last name and the laptop is set the same.

Bad news is I didnt backup before I tried & have lost email addresses by the 100's

  compumac 12:08 29 Oct 2010

I had something similar some years ago. I also copied my Outlook.pst to another PC. I then found that there were TWO separate Outlook.pst files. Try using Explorer and see if you also have two different Outlook.pst files. I had to ensure that when using Outlook I selected the actual one that I wished to continue to use, and then copied missing details across from the other.

  Woolwell 12:16 29 Oct 2010

You can export just your contacts as a pst file and then import that. Note export first.

  Crostini 14:27 30 Oct 2010

Thanks Woolwell. In the past I needed everything copied including 'calendar' so I went to LocalSettings to get (outlook.pst) I thought thats what you meant. However you are correct. Job done & OK. Just follow this to do the same:

goto <File> then <Import and Export>
choose <Export to a file>
<Personal Folder File (.pst)>
ensure <contacts> is highlighted
then choose a different location than the default i.e. put it on a usb pen to transfer to another pc. (This file is called Backup.pst)

go to other pc open Outlook.
goto <File> then <Import and Export>
choose <Import from another program or file>
<Personal Folder File (.pst)>

This way only 'contact' details is copied into 2nd pc

if you want 'emails' & 'calendar' copied go to Local Settings/Application Data and copy from there.

  Woolwell 15:45 30 Oct 2010

You can do the same for just e-mails and calendar. I keep back-ups this way.

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