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  Cook2 00:22 22 Feb 2004

My old hard drive has virtually died a death since one of my dogs came into contact with the case, at a great rate of knots, when the drive was spinning and it has evidently been 'pinged'. (The drive not the dog, although I was tempted).

I have set everything up on my new hard drive and managed to 'drag and drop' some pics and videos etc from the old one but can't find where my Outlook - Contacts are hiding.

Could someone point me in the right direction please?


  Forum Editor 00:40 22 Feb 2004

and the best way to find it is to run a search for:


  Cook2 00:45 22 Feb 2004

No luck there so maybe it's been lost.

Now I know where to look I'll make sure I search for the file when I build up a new Contacts list and back it up. Thanks for the tip.

  Cook2 00:51 22 Feb 2004

Yep, looks like it's lost.

A thorough search came up with a DAT file, two GIF image and an Icon.

  PanMan 09:44 22 Feb 2004

I am not the expert I look into these forums for help but I thought the contact files were part of Windows Address Book and are designated as *.WAB files? They are in Windows ME that I use. Try a search for those and see what you can find.

  Megatyte 10:00 22 Feb 2004

WAB files (Windows Address Book) are for Outlook Express. Microsoft Outlook uses PST.


  Brian-336451 10:04 22 Feb 2004

Note the info provided by ßéLâ, it's correct.

If you use Outlook, then Contacts are contained within the Outlook.pst file.


  PanMan 11:46 22 Feb 2004

You are right. I use Outlook to create and maintain my contacts and had assumed that because I also see the same information in Windows Address Book and Outlook Express they were all using the same file. But if I attempt to use the Export function of Address Book while I have the Outlook data displayed the function is greyed out. I assume there is a setting somewhere that allows AB & OE to share the information and that maybe I have set it in the past but cant find it now.

  User-312386 11:51 22 Feb 2004

all is not lost, there is a free utlitly called OE Backup 2.9 (free Outlook Express Backup tool)click here which backs up all your address and mail

i was told about this link by Boris in another forum

  Cook2 15:51 22 Feb 2004

Success! Thanks everyone, I now have all my e-mail addresses back.

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