Outlook connector to Hotmail

  psychologist 12:02 19 Oct 2010

I get lots of sync error messages every time outlook updates emails from hotmail. This is the message: I am using outlook 2007 win 7 64 bit - Any ideas please ?

11:54:02 Synchronizer Version 14.0.5117
11:54:02 Synchronizing Mailbox '[email protected]'
11:54:02 Error Synchronizing Message
11:54:02 Error with Send/Receive.
11:54:02 Folder Collection Sync Key: 0{47dbc593-da5c-4b03-8609-0c9941558aac}10
11:54:02 Message Collection Sync Key: 0{c2092d60-3b1a-4f7f-97fb-7629a354db6a}10
11:54:03 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Calendar'
11:54:03 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Contacts'

  KremmenUK 12:16 19 Oct 2010

Have you got the latest Connector ?

No help I know but it works perfectly with Win 7 32 bit.

  psychologist 13:58 19 Oct 2010

Thanks KremmenUK

Yes I have the latest connector from the the Microsoft site. I even tried an older version that I know was OK a year ago - but outlook updated it. I have removed the connector and outlook 4 times, still no
luck, every time I sign on I get a new email in my sync folder. Although I have win 7 64 bit the office 2007 is 32 bit, so I have to use the 32 bit connector.

  KremmenUK 14:29 19 Oct 2010

I think could be a:

Uninstall Connector, reboot, run CCleaner, reinstall Connector and check hotmail login credentials.

When you do a F9 within Outlook is there any error message?

  psychologist 15:05 19 Oct 2010

Great minds think alike - yes I did that; as well as running ccleaner I ran advance system care; I deleted all entries in the registry to the connector and outlook 2007 but still no go. No error messages on F9 but in the sync folder I get a sync error message. Outlook works fine it is just that at the end of the day I have loads of emails in my sync folder - until I discovered how to show the sync fold (control 6) I did not know there was anything wrong. I got a shock there were over 650 sync error emails!! Interestingly I downloaded a free trial of Office 2010 that works OK no problems syncing but it does not work well with google chrome.

  KremmenUK 15:53 19 Oct 2010


When I installed Office 2010 it told me I needed a newer version of Connector which it downloaded and installed OK.

Later, when I opted to install the Windows Live suite it included yet another installation of the Outlook Connector.

  KremmenUK 15:57 19 Oct 2010


I did a Google using "outlook connector sync issue office 2007".

The second hit was a link to a M$ document about configuring Connector.

There's a section about Sync issues.

Can't post a link because it leads straight into a .DOC

It's headed 'Outlook Connector 12.0 beta' though

  psychologist 17:51 19 Oct 2010

thanks for all the good work - I found the document.
Looking around the net, it seems that there has been a change in the way the hotmail servers work and that might be a cause.

I have given up now, I will just delete the emails so they do not occupy space on my hotmail account.

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