Outlook being slow

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 19:50 01 Mar 2004

I am using outlook 2003 on a fast puter with winxp but it seems to be running slowly. Particlarly when i press reply to an email i always have to wait a couple of seconds but very often i have to wait 30seconds before i get the reply window up....

Can anyone tell me what is going on??? Or why it has started doing this. I have a virus checker and firewall installed and i run NAV regularly so i am pretty dure i dont have a virus.

Thanks to all who reply


  GaT7 20:32 01 Mar 2004

There could be many problems for this...I've forgotten what worked for me, sorry.

If you go to the MS Outlook 2003 Support Centre click here;EN-GB;out2003 and type slow in the Search box you get 25 problems/solutions listed. One might fit your specific problem.

If none solve your problem you can go back to the Support Centre (or click here;EN-GB;KBHOWTO&Product=out2003), do a more advanced search & ask for more solutions to be displayed per search.

Hope you solve it - I know just how frustrating this problem can be : (

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 22:08 01 Mar 2004

Thanks for that, but i have tried searching but i have had no luck....

any other suggestions????

Thanks in advanced


  GaT7 21:10 05 Mar 2004

Some things to try:

1. Repair/reinstall Outlook 2003 (you may have to repair Office as a whole)

2. Your virus checker may be the cause - look here: click here . I quote "I found out what the problem is. It was my virus protection. I have the Trend-Micro PCCillin that came with my vaio. I exited the virus program and disabled real time scan. Which was pccguide.exe in my process list. After that IE and Outlook work fine! It's weird though... I've always had real time scan running on my computer and I've never had any problems. But now I have to keep my virus protection off to use the internet or email. Maybe I should get Nortons instead. It sucks because I just renewed the Trend Micro thing for $30..."

  nick_j007 22:23 05 Mar 2004

Outlook 2003. Different from OE I assume.

Might this be of any help?

click here

Sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree.


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