Outlook autocomplete address book

  Dench 19:51 21 Oct 2005

There was a letter in July 2005 PC Advisor page 183 stating how to find the Outlook autocomplete address book as a file with an extension of nk2.
At the time it worked but since the multitude of Microsoft updates I can no longer find any files with this extension. I am looking in all hidden and system folders but the search function does not find any. I am finding the XP search function is very tempermental and unreliable. It remembers what it has done before and does not even go away and search the required areas a second time. Any ideas please how to find this nk2 file?

  VoG II 20:28 21 Oct 2005

The only .nk2 file that I can find is

C:\Documents and Settings\Default\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Microsoft Outlook Internet Settings.NK2

  VoG II 20:31 21 Oct 2005

But it does appear to contain address book entries.

  Dench 16:50 22 Oct 2005

There are no files under the Outlook folder. Perhaps there is a way to repair Outlook? which would replace the missing file.

  VoG II 16:53 22 Oct 2005

If it is Outlook 2000 or later try Detect and Repair on the Help menu.

  Dench 17:19 10 Dec 2005

I have a Mesh PC which is 10 months old running Pinnacle software with CD burner. Mesh are failing to respond to me about this problem so I hope someone can guide me as to the solution.
Whilst trying to use the Pinnacle CD writer software I am receiving an error message 'The demo version of the MP3 encoder has been used more than 20 times, to continue using MP3 functiionality, you need to obtain a full licence.' I did not have any trial versions of Pinnacle with my PC, it was all fully paid for running purchased programs. The error message does not say what programme is affected or where the full licence is required to be obtained from. As it is only Pinnacle that seems to produce this error message I assume that this is the suspect programme. The Pinnacle website is useless and only aimed at sales, not support for their product.

  MESH Support 09:50 22 Dec 2005

The message you are seeing is for a separate utility that Pinnacle distribute with their DVD/CD writing products.

The utility is only accessed when you try to convert from an audio format to MP3 within the software.

Due to the fact that MP3 decoders need to be licensed it will expire after X amount of days or uses. You would then need to either use a different program to convert the files, or purchase a license.

This will only affect your audio file conversion and would not affect the use of the DVD/CD writing software.


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