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  wotbus@ 13:45 18 Jul 2007

Is the AOL email manager exclusive to AOL or can Outlook be used to access it?
My mate has a problem. He changed from AOL to a new ISP. After a month he decided he wanted his old AOL email address active so he contacted them and they said he could have it for a small payment each month. To this he agreed.
The problem is, he just can't get access by going to the AOL home page/webmail method. He keeps getting an error message to the effect "an error has occurred"...
At this moment I have no idea just what AOL stuff is left on his machine, probably all of it, and no idea which email accounts he has set up in Outlook (I suspect just the one for the new ISP - hence my question of "Can Outlook be used to access AOL)
My immediate reaction is he needs to get rid of everything AOL and use the webmail approach but I have read so many posts about AOL problems I don't feel qualified to advise at this stage.
Grateful for any comments, thanks.

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  wotbus@ 09:26 19 Jul 2007

Anyone? Is it such a dumb question or does nobody actually know if Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc can be used to log into and extract email from AOL?
Have any AOL users experienced any problems lately with their webmail?

  wotbus@ 11:04 19 Jul 2007

OK. My mate has give me his ScreenName and sign in p/w. I have tried from my computer using IE7 and FF.
I can see the Qty of mail he has but every time I try to access it I get the same message "an error has occurred"..."
If anyone is reading this far ;-)...
Do you think I need additional AOL software in order to access this remote webmail box???
Really, much obliged for any help.

  wotbus@ 12:53 19 Jul 2007

Thanks ßeta. Lack of response sent me searching (I had hoped for a quick answer ;-).
The problem is always the same: click the mail box, begins to load then "There has been an error..."
Attempts via other email managera also fail!
I have tried everything and I am now of the impression it's something to do with the email address itself, not being re-activated by AOL.
He will just have to get on the phone I think.
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