Outlook ~ any ideas what may be wrong

  wee eddie 14:50 04 Sep 2010

I have been using Outlook since about '96 to download my mail from the ISP's address, as well as a storage point of all information I have on those on my contact list. So changing Client is not an option.

Of late, the last 2 weeks or so, I have been having problems with my ISP's e-mails.

Sometimes, when I turn the PC, and then Outlook, on. My mail downloads without problem.

Other times I get a pop-up saying that it cannot find the Mail Server, throughout the session. There are no other Internet problems and I can access my mail by Logging directly into my Account.

Any ideas. At present I am tempted to let sleeping dogs lie. I spoke to my ISP and they are of the opinion that it is M$'s fault.

  Kevscar1 15:32 04 Sep 2010

What downloads installs did you do the day it stopped working OK.
Can you restore to a point where it all worked.

  wee eddie 15:43 04 Sep 2010

No Installations that I know of.

I have tried a Restoration, to before I remember it's first happening, and it still goes on.

  birdface 15:52 04 Sep 2010

I know Virginmedia has been updating it's e-mail section and a few others have been doing the same.
Put it down to work in progress then start worrying if it gets any worse.
I get the odd one that pops up but try again and usually get in at the second attempt.
I have Incredimail and Windows live mail so can only put it down to my ISP I think as I get a bit of bother with both but nothing serious.

  wee eddie 16:26 04 Sep 2010

but I shall go with "buteman's" supposition unless I get locked out for more than 48 hours.

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