Outlook Adresses (automatic)

  ronnied 10:57 25 Feb 2010

u know when you type up an e-mail, you just need to type in the first few letters and the e-mail address of the persons will come up automatically. I want to "transport" this to my laptop, but don't know where to find this file. It is not part of the PST, as I did copy that over. Someone said it is in the Windows Registry, but I can't believe that. Please help? Ronnie

  Woolwell 11:02 25 Feb 2010

It is called autocomplete and see click here

  ronnied 11:12 25 Feb 2010

Thanks Woolwell! u r a STAR!

  Woolwell 11:17 25 Feb 2010

f you are using Vista see this click here for finding the NK2 file.
Not sure where to put it for Windows 7.

  ronnied 11:23 25 Feb 2010

I am using Windows 7 AND Office 2007, and I have looked in the directory, but can't find a *.nk2 file

  Woolwell 11:35 25 Feb 2010

It's apparently the same location as in Vista see click here and post 2.

  Woolwell 11:35 25 Feb 2010

I have Office 2007 and Vista and it is there on my system.

  ronnied 11:47 25 Feb 2010

Yippee! I found it in the following path (on Windows7):

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