Outlook 98 with Windows XP Pro

  OK Computer 10:40 17 Jun 2003

I have a slightly unique problem.

When running Windows XP with Outlook 98 I go into my calendar wanting to copy an appointment and paste it on another time/date.

For example I have an appointment - Dentist Appointment on 17th June 2003 at 10am. If I select this appointment and select Edit>Copy and go to the 18th June and paste it in at any time, say, 11am by selecting Edit>Paste, no appointment appears. I then go back to the 17th and the appointment is now sitting bang next to the original on the same date and time.

I was able to do this without any problems under Windows NT and I have tried it on several Win XP boxes and its always the same.

Any ideas?? XP is good but drive me mad at times! By the way its XP Pro.

  OK Computer 13:45 17 Jun 2003

I knew this would be a toughy! any ideas anyone?

  ©®@$ђ 14:01 17 Jun 2003

just copy and paste your appointment to a word document for backup and delete the appointment on the 17th and then paste the appointment in the new date

maybe the old one has to be deleted before you insert it in the new date, maybe something to do with it having the same text. i honestly don't know, but thats what i would try

  OK Computer 14:04 17 Jun 2003

I would but I would like to retain the original appointment as well, I know that sounds very strange, but still!

  ©®@$ђ 14:12 17 Jun 2003

Drag the appointment
to the new slot, release and select Copy

  ©®@$ђ 14:21 17 Jun 2003
  OK Computer 14:24 17 Jun 2003

I dont think its the same problem since Im running Off 97 SR2. The click and drag actually works to a certain extent.

Thanks for your help

  OK Computer 14:30 17 Jun 2003

Yep I can definitely live with the drag and drop option...

Weird how its different under Windows XP and a bit annoying but still...thanks

  ©®@$ђ 14:30 17 Jun 2003

your welcome

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