Outlook 97

  Zeltine 10:57 03 Jun 2003

Hello, I wonder if you can help, well I am sure that you can..
I am helping a charity that has just had a server put in. They are running Outlook 97. The problem is that, the contacts on a certain user has been duplicated. i.e Mailbox - User then has another folder created at the same level called Personal Folders with all of the sys folders in it such as Inbox e.t.c, is there anyway that I can delete this second folder tree called Personal Folders?

Many thanks for your time......

  Taran 13:52 03 Jun 2003

Which version of Windows is the server running and what are the client machines running ?

How did you configure the server ?

Does Exchange come into play at any point ?

Try and give as much detail as possible and one of us will try and assist.

  moore_mat 14:13 03 Jun 2003

As a quick overview, the "Mailbox" is where your mail gets delivered (i.e. the e-mail server) and "Personal Folders" is quite often created by Outlook as a local storage for your e-mails, etc. Hence - when you look in to Personal Folders, you see Inbox, etc.

If you can confirm that you do not use the Personal Folders at all, then you can remove it by going to START --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Double Click Mail, highlight "Personal Folders" then click remove.

That's only if you DEFINATELY do not use Personal folders for anything!

When you get back with more info, we'll be able to help with the duplicate contact bits.



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