Outlook 2010 "General Failure" message.

  Yimbo 17:56 21 Aug 2014

I know I've posted recently on this, and I'm grateful for all the help and advice I've been given. But - - I'm absolutely stumped - frustrated and baffled. Each time I click on a link in an email in Outlook 2010 the message appears: "General Failure: The URL was (details given). The specified procedure could not be found."

I've followed all the advice offered, and I even had a MS certified "expert" look at my computer yesterday, but to no avail. The problem persists - which means that my email facilities are useless.

My plea is that hopefully someone has encountered this issue, (which as far as I can gather seems not all that uncommon), and who can provide me with the fix.

I'm at a total loss!

  BRYNIT 18:40 21 Aug 2014

Just a thought could your antivirus program be blocking the hyperlinks or the browser you are using. You could look at CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE If you do a search for "Outlook 2010 email hyperlinks not working" will give you more possible solutions.

  Yimbo 23:37 21 Aug 2014

Thanks BRYNIT - - You've given me a lot to search through - and some much needed hope! Surely the answer is in there somewhere!

I'll work though your advice, and see what happens. Thanks again!

  Woolwell 10:28 22 Aug 2014

Did you make a different browser the default one?

  Yimbo 15:26 22 Aug 2014

Yes, Woolwell, I tried to install Chrome, but it wouldn't do so. I have a "ChromeSet-up" folder but trying to open it gets me nowhere!

Sorry to have got you involved in this again!

  Woolwell 15:54 22 Aug 2014

Try Firefox.

  Yimbo 11:33 23 Aug 2014

Thanks Woolwell - - As with Chrome, can't get Firefox to install!

  Woolwell 12:14 23 Aug 2014

There is something fundamentally wrong. For Chrome Chrome download here and it should have installed without any snag.

I think that I may have to leave it to others but a W8 refresh may be called for.

1]: [click here

  Yimbo 14:32 23 Aug 2014

Woolwell - - Tried once again to download Chrome - using your link. I get as far as "on your marks" - then nothing! I'm sure you're right: "There is something fundamentally wrong." But what? Who knows???

You must be as fed up with all this as I am! How patient you are!

  Yimbo 13:07 04 Sep 2014

Don't know what caused it all - but a re-install of 8.1 seems to have sorted I out!

Thank you all for our help!

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