Outlook 2007

  Alex_z 10:09 27 Apr 2009

I am using outlook 2007.
For the last few days everytime I use bcc, a copy of email is also sent to my
inbox. This never use to happened. No settings have been changed.
I also ran scan tyhe system for any viruses.
I have not even installed/update any apps.
Any idea?

  Sea Urchin 10:35 27 Apr 2009

It sounds like you have a Rule set up to send the message to your Inbox - does it also go to your Sent folder?

Check the Rules you have operating

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  Marko797 10:36 27 Apr 2009

Not sure how this has occurred, but wud check your settings, despite the fact u haven't changed any.

  Alex_z 10:41 27 Apr 2009

No new rules were set up. Yes the copy as normal goes to sender. I have checked settings.

  Sea Urchin 11:10 27 Apr 2009

Are you using gmail by any chance? If so then you are not alone. Unfortunately no answer here, but maybe ask your question on a gmail forum?

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  Alex_z 11:22 27 Apr 2009

Yes, I am using gmail. But has been working without any problem up to few days ago.

  Sea Urchin 11:27 27 Apr 2009

If you Google your problem you will find there are a number of people who have suddenly developed this problem. Maybe as a result of an update - it could be lots of reasons.

I would suggest you either pursue it with a gmail forum, or of course you could try a System Restore to back before the problem started.

  Alex_z 11:38 27 Apr 2009


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