Outlook 2003 and Virgin Media

  BingoBoy 08:31 22 Jul 2010

My Outlook 2003 has stopped communicating with Virgin Media on my Dell Dimension PC using Windows XP Home SP3.

When trying to send/receive it comes up with an error message about not recognising my sign-on and password on the server. Virgin Media have some information about manual settings but I can't seem to find how I check these settings. I have used Tools - Email account in Outlook and it shows some settings but not the full range.

How do I fix this issue? I can access my Virgin Media account via there home page so it suggests it is my PC settings that are up the creek.

  BRYNIT 09:08 22 Jul 2010

Is this happening all the time? if so try deleting your email account from Outlook and re entering it.

If its intermittent it could be a problem at Virgin Media's end and will sort it's self out. I had a similar problem the other day with Outlook 2007.

You could log onto your account via Virgin Media. Go to settings, forwarding POP/IMAP you should find links to help pages to check if your settings are correct.

  BingoBoy 09:15 22 Jul 2010

It has happened twice over the last 6 months so not a frequent issue so far.

Virgin Media are doing something to emails as they sent a message recently saying some changes to settings in Outlook were needed and included an automatic fix. I ran this fix about a week ago and Outlook carried on OK until yesterday.

  Woolwell 09:49 22 Jul 2010

The full range is on the advanced button if I remember correctly.
Having recently moved to Virgin I set up Outlook 2007 manually for all of my accounts and found their help section "helpful" and in particular this section using the appropriate part click here.
It may be useful looking through the Outlook 2007 set up with images and it shouldn't be too different from 2003.

  Woolwell 09:52 22 Jul 2010

Ps When I find that I get the message that I cannot access e-mails through the ISP not recognising my password etc I normally try webmail. In my experience it often indicates that there is a temporary problem at their end with their servers and in fact your settings are correct.

  keef66 11:43 22 Jul 2010

I had that the other night. Usually I just open Windows Mail and it downloads new mail from the server automatically. 2 days ago it was prompting me for a Virgin Media user name / password. I entered the details I use for webmail but I still got an error connecting to server message. Last night it was back top normal, so I assume it was a Virgin problem

  skeletal 16:08 22 Jul 2010

As you correctly point out, Virgin is doing things to its email systems. My understanding of the automatic update tool was that it was only for Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail, I did not think you had to make changes when running Outlook. Indeed, I’m running Outlook 2010 and have not made any changes, and so far (touch wood, with all fingers crossed) I’ve not had problems.

No problems that is apart from the (IMO) typical poor reliability of Virgin. I often get the “don’t recognise you” error message. This will last from a few minutes to one or two days. Invariably it is the Virgin servers.

It is worth checking on their web site to see if there are any issues in your area. However, I often get faults that are not in the list so it’s not fool proof.

Although, in the last week or two I’ve been doing better on the email/web front, my Virgin plus TV box now continually reboots if I try to use it to watch HD. It seems they like to keep a certain level of unreliability to annoy customers...yet more phone calls on the horizon methinks.


  Billp64 16:27 22 Jul 2010

You have to manually change the settings as Virgin do not support Outlook 2003, if I remember when I did mine the port seetings have to changed. Look on the Virgin help and it tells you the settings.
Hope this helps.

  BingoBoy 16:38 22 Jul 2010
  wiz-king 16:46 22 Jul 2010

I agree it may be a Virgin problem, I was prompted for my user name and password one day this week - using Outlook Express - so I ignored it and next day it was working as usual again.
[email protected] works for me.

  Billp64 16:51 22 Jul 2010

Do not change your vigin email address at all, the only change you need to make is to the port numbers.
SMTP port is 465 pop3 port is 995
Change to those settings and you will be back working ok.
AT present your settings would be pop3 110 smtp 25 Change to above figures.
In Outlook lookintools email accounts and find the settings.

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