Outlook 2003 setup

  jz 14:01 11 Dec 2005

I've set up the inbox columns (eg Received, Size, Subject, From, as well as other non default columns that I've added) as I like them, including the column widths. This does not affect the other folders (eg Sent Items) which still have the default settings. Also, if I add a new folder, this also has the default column settings. Is there a way to apply my column settings to all folders, including any new folders that I create in the future?

  jz 17:51 11 Dec 2005

Any ideas?

  jz 22:47 12 Dec 2005

Ah well, perhaps it can't be done them. Seems like an annoying limitation.

Have any Outlook users tried Thunderbird? I'm interested in your comments, good and bad.

  kro 21:48 13 Dec 2005

Hi jz
A couple of thoughts on Outlook/Thunderbird.

First, in the past I've spent hours buggering around with Outlook to change all it's settings (fonts, sizes, columns etc.) - usually before someother reason compells me to reinstall Office and I lose all the settings. In the end I concluded that it just isn't worth the effort. You can sort by whichever column you want and/or arrange in groups by date/recipient/sender or whatever and if that doesn't sort things out enough you can always create rules that automatically send messages to seperate folders or subfolders - and you can save the rules.

Second, after reading through some past posts about Thunderbird I gave it a try. I HATED IT, but can't say why, just different to Outlook and I couldn't get it to do what I wanted as easily, so I gave up. But its free so give a try and if you don't like uninstall.

Just out of curiosity let me know what you think of it.

  jz 07:50 14 Dec 2005

Hi kro,

Thanks for your advice. I tried putting a message on one of the MS Outlook forums a couple of days ago, but it got no reply, so I'm assuming it's not possible.

So... I took the plunge and tried Thuderbird last night. I got to grips with it fairly quickly and it seems OK, but I'd need to use it quite a bit to see how good it is. When I customised the column widths and added my own (eg Size, Account) it changed most of the other folders too, which to my mind is sensible and is exactly what I wanted. Only problem is that it didn't change the outgoing folders (Sent items, Outbox, drafts, or whatever they're called in Thunderberg) correctly, presumably because different columns are required - To rather than From, etc). I will try fiddling a bit more tonight if I get the time.

Although it took a while to configure the accounts, it took a while to configure them in Outlook 2003 which is annoyingly different from Outlook 2000.

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