Outlook 2003 - Rejected e-mails - keeps resending

  VoG II 00:29 04 Jan 2004

I tried sending an e-mail with a 2 meg attachment (I know, I know...).

Did this to two addresses of the same person (I know, I know...).

Anyway I wasn't particularly surprised to receive a rejection notice. Then another and another practically ad infinitum. Managed to coax the practically frozen 'puter to reveal that it was still trying to send these messages PLUS getting rejection notices to match. With a 2 mb/s connection these can mount-up fairly rapidly, I can tell you.

Then to add to the misery McAfee keeps popping up telling me that very similar e-mails were attempting to send themselves - Stop them, carry on what I was doing, tear out remaining (body) hair etc.

Anyway, I've stopped all this by rebooting into Safe Mode, deleting the messages from the Outbox, then rebooting (to be greeted by about 20 2MB failure messages).

The question, to anybody who has ploughed through my essay, is - it this a new feature in Outlook 2003 to keep retrying to send. With all the previous versions that I've had it would simply give up after the first attempt. Is there a setting somewhere?

  powerless 04:03 04 Jan 2004

If there is an option, it is well hidden.

  Big Elf 11:05 04 Jan 2004

I found this which mentions Norton AV and the 'Send and Receive every xx minutes' option click here

  Big Elf 11:12 04 Jan 2004

Could it be the 'In folders other than the Inbox, save replies with original message option' caused the problem. Although not directly related this might help click here

  VoG II 11:24 04 Jan 2004

Powerless - thanks for confirming that.

Big Elf - thanks but I don't think it is either of those. I don't use Norton and I was sending through a regular Blueyonder account.

I know that I can send large attachments because I send them to my work account.

Incidentally, the recipient got the message several times over!

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