outlook 2003 - personal folders

  collinsc 11:09 06 Feb 2008

How do you set up folders in your ‘personal folders’ in outlook 2003?

I cant see how its done! In outlook 2002 you could see ‘personal folders’ and then just right clicked and ‘add folder’.


  starfish1 11:37 06 Feb 2008

I don't know about outlook 2003 but in 2007 you just right click personal folders and click new folder.

  anskyber 11:39 06 Feb 2008

starfish1 is right, it works in Outlook 2003.

  collinsc 15:04 06 Feb 2008

hmm maybe i didnt mean 'personal folders'.
its the folders where you store mails which arent stored within outlook- but stored elsewhere - somewhere on the HD i assume.

In outlook 2002 it had a seperate '??? folder' from your standard ones which i cant see in outlook 2003. (if you know what i mean?!?!)

  Woolwell 15:26 06 Feb 2008

I'm a bit puzzled by what you mean.

If you right click on personal folder and choose properties and click on advanced it will tell you where that folder is kept.

What are you trying to achieve? Is it back-up, archive or something else?

  collinsc 16:47 06 Feb 2008

ill try that- cheers

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