Outlook 2003. New field?

  Leoadri 09:23 04 Dec 2008


Outlook 2003
I would like to add a column in my inbox with personal notes of the emails.
How can I do it?

  Technotiger 09:27 04 Dec 2008

I don't use Outlook, but in Incredimail one can customize the In Box columns, by right-clicking on the column header bar.

  Technotiger 09:29 04 Dec 2008

PS - I have just checked, and Yes you can customize Outlook in a similar fashion.

  rawprawn 09:30 04 Dec 2008

Can't remember 2003, but in 2007 right click on one of the fields say where it says Subject and click on "Field Chooser"

  Leoadri 09:38 04 Dec 2008

Thank you for your answers.
I've been able to do the column but I can't write anything in it.

  Technotiger 09:49 04 Dec 2008

You can of course write Notes in the Notes section, in the Outlook Short-cuts column, on the left!

I have not tried it, but perhaps you can write your notes as above, and then move them into your newly created column.

  rawprawn 10:09 04 Dec 2008

No I don't think that you can actually write notes in the column.

  Woolwell 15:50 04 Dec 2008

I don't think that this is possible without buying an add-on. There appear to be at least 2 - Bells and Whistles and OutNote by TotalIdea. I have no idea how good they are but I note that one user was lookign for an alternative to Bells and Whistles. Suggest you do a search for both and any other programs.

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