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  kiwicricketer 13:56 20 Dec 2004

I have 5 personal email addresses (family) and 4 businesses ones, all on the same PC, running on Outlook 2003, with Windows XP HE.

Is there a way that I can setup Outlook, so that when 'reply to' is hit, the replies always go from my detault email (business) address?

I have set up each address with its own signature.

At the moment, the 'reply to' is completely random, regardless of who the email was addressed to! I have to click on the 'accounts' button' to activate the email coming from me, and not one of my family's private accounts.

If I forward an email it goes from my default address.

This is not life-threatening, just really irritating.

Your help would be appreciated.

  stlucia 14:12 20 Dec 2004

I don't understand the bit about randomness -- I use two different names, but whenever I reply to an email the sender is always shown as whichever name the email was sent to.

The only way I can think of to do what you want is to set up a Rule in each of the other accounts so that they automatically copy/forward every email to your default account. Then, by only responding to the ones received in your default account, they should all show your default account as the sender.

  kiwicricketer 14:27 20 Dec 2004

thanks for the idea stlucia however, I get/reply/forward about 150 emails a day, just on to my account.

If I then had forwarded all the emails from the other accounts, I would be awash. I simply would not get any work done!

I am sure there is something simple I am missing here, I just thought I would throw it open to the world from here and see what happens.

  Short Thoughts 19:16 21 Dec 2004

Nah - don't do that.

OK Solution 1:-

You don't want to mess about with rules here. The solution I'm going to give you is a little more elegant and takes you under the bonnet of Outlook and is fairly easy to do. It also works in all older versions of Outlook and Outlook Express although the dialogue boxes are all in slightly different places.

1. On your other email accounts, go to
Tools-->Email Accounts and view/change existing account details and click on next.

2. Select the account you wish to modify and click on the change button.

3. Now alter the email address to say whatever you want it to say. This is what the recipient of any of your emails will see, however this is just a screen display; the real work is being done by the account details and the Incoming/Outgoing Server addresses.

4. There is one last thing you have to do. The problem you have is that if your recipient clicks on "Reply" it will try to send it back to the "wrong" email address. You need to click on the "More settings" button and fill in the Reply Email box with the address you want any reply to be sent to REGARDLESS OF WHERE IT CAME FROM. In this cae, your reply email as per your sending email will both be your business address.

Got it? You've now spoofed where the email came from and programmed any reply to go to an address you specify, so even though you haven't confused your various email servers, your recipients will always think that you were using one email address.

All you need to do is go and tinker with each and every account you have so that you are in control of the outgoing and reply emails.

Do remember, that you must test your solution by emailing yourself(s) or getting a friend to

Solution 2:-

This is even simpler.

Go to Control Panel --> Users and set your PC up with multiple user accounts for each member of your family and then set up Outlook independantly for each family member. It's designed to work that way.

Hope this helps.

  kiwicricketer 09:16 22 Dec 2004

Hi Short Thoughts and thanks for your reply. I 'think' I understand this.

However, if I do as you suggest, I assume that my other users (family) will not be able to send and reply to emails from their own email account?

For example, let's say I have the following email addresses:

[email protected] - a family one
[email protected] - a family one
[email protected] - a family one

[email protected] - a business one (main)
[email protected] - another business
[email protected] - yet another business

I want to achieve:

1. When each of my family want to send an email it is sent from their own account. If they get an email and reply or forward it, it will be as from their email account.

2. When I get an email to [email protected] (which is by far the most emails on this PC - about 280 a week), I want to be able to reply (without having to click on 'account' and have to select my business account) automatically using my main business email account. I want this to be the default reply, if there is such a thing.

At the moment, whenever anyone replies to an email, they ALL have to click on 'accounts' and select the 'reply from' option.

I hope that this makes sense - well, such that you can help.

  BRYNIT 11:48 22 Dec 2004

If I understand you correctly you wish for your business account to be the main e-mail address that will be sent without selecting it from the accounts drop down list.

Have you tried setting your business account as the default account. Go to tools e-mail accounts, View or change accounts select the account then select set as default this will move to top of list.

  kiwicricketer 13:19 22 Dec 2004

Done that BRYNIT. Still does not do it.

  Short Thoughts 09:39 23 Dec 2004

Hi Sorry for the delay in replying - Christmas you know :)

1. I would suggest that you use my option 2 as you are right - if all messages come from the same account, there is no drop down to help you.

2. I've just set up a second account on my pc using Outlook, and you have the option on emails to manually specify who (ie which account) sent it. In which case, you can set the reply addresses on the ind accounts as listed above.

3. Of course, if both of these ideas are just too much hassle and don't really work for you, the final option is to use other email clients like Netscape, Opera, Pegasus, Outlook Express... You'll be amazed how many free browsers and email clients there are out there.

Have a good Xmas

Short Thoughts

  Short Thoughts 09:40 23 Dec 2004

I mean one email client per family member of course.

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