Outlook 2002 mail stuck in Outbox.

  Guitareth 09:20 16 Jul 2003

I've got Outlook 2002 SP2 installed (with Win XP Pro) and I have always had problems that occassionally messages will get stuck in the Outbox. The status window will tell me that all messages have been sent successfully but
sometimes one or more messages will obstinately stay in the Outbox (even though there are NO error messages). Invariably, if I click Send/Receive a few times it eventually goes, so I
know its nothing to do with my settings or the ISP. In fact with same settings this problem NEVER appears in Outlook Express - its only Outlook that's got this bug.

Worse still, is that while MOST times the message has NOT been sent until it moves to my "Sent Items" folder, on the odd occassion I find out it had in fact gone, so I'm inadvertently resending again it when I click send/receive again, and thereby annoy people by sending the same message a few times!

In past few days this problem has got much worse as I'm finding it often takes several clicks of "send/receive" or "send all" before a message will move to the sent items folder.

I've also got Norton Internet Security firewall and antivirus) installed and have tried disabling them when the problem occurs, but it makes absolutely no difference. Have posted to the Microsoft newsgroups about this several times but nobody has suggested a solution as yet, so hoping someone here might be able to resolve it!


  davidg_richmond 09:41 16 Jul 2003

I have sometimes got that problem, and I find that it only occurs when I Send an e-mail, then click on it while it is in the outbox. Is this what causes yours to stay too?

I find the only solution for me is to avoid clicking it while it's in there, and if it does stick I have to mvoe it back to the Draft box and resend.

  Jester2K II 09:43 16 Jul 2003

Are you sending attachments with these messages. Even on 1 mb Broad Band messages with attachments can take a little while to go...

  Guitareth 09:56 16 Jul 2003

Regarding checking the message while its in the Outbox - well yes I do sometimes do that, but I also know for sure that some that have stuck I have never clicked on whilst they are in the Outbox. Re attachments - this problem occurs even on messages with no attachments.


  Gingermum 10:00 16 Jul 2003

If you open an email in your outbox, you must click on the SEND button again or it will not be sent. Don't just close the message with the cross on the top right.

  AndySD 10:07 16 Jul 2003

How to Repair Outlook

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

In Control Panel, double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

In the list of installed programs, click to select either Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office, depending on how you installed Outlook.
Click Add/Remove.

After the setup screen appears, click Repair Office.

Click Detect and Repair errors in my Office installation, and then click Install.

Make sure you back up your mail first.

  david.h 17:40 16 Jul 2003

do you have norton system works 2002 as there are 28 registry conficts which affect outlook 2002 causing outlokk to hang when sending emails

  Guitareth 18:17 16 Jul 2003

Only 28(LOL!!) I dont have Norton System Works, but do have Norton Internet Security which comprises Norton Internet Firewall & Antivirus. However, if I disable them, it makes no difference to e-mails that are stuck in my Outbox so I'm not convinced that's the problem.

  DieSse 20:14 16 Jul 2003

The point is, though, that it may stop any more getting stuck there. For those that already are, double click them, and resend.

  Guitareth 10:26 25 Jul 2003

Just to say that it looks like following was indeed the answer:

"If you open an email in your outbox, you must click on the SEND button again or it will not be sent. Don't just close the message with the cross on the top right".

Since that response was posted, I've been avoiding opening messages in my Outbox, and where I have I've made sure I click SEND instead of just closing them - and right enough that seems to have resolved the problem. Silly me!! Thanks to all for the help.

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