Outlook 2002 HotMail Folders & Subfolders

  Harper Boy 17:54 15 Jul 2009

For a long time I was happy to use Outlook Express for all my emails (hotmail with msn.com). I arranged incoming emails in named folders which I could structure with sub-folders eg a 'personal' folder with subfolders for each friend I corresponded with.

I shifted to Outlook as my email client because MS told me (ages ago) that I could no longer use OE for hotmail. The change hasn't been for the better. In particular, I don't seem to be able to create sub-folders any more. Is it possible? If so, how? (And if not, why not?).

Another oddity seems to be that the messages are (apparently) not on my PC - or are they?

  mgmcc 22:31 15 Jul 2009

What you can do may depend on the email system you're using (I've never used Hotmail!).

In general though, if you are using POP3 protocol, messages are retrieved from the ISP's POP3 server and stored in your computer. You should be able to create whatever sub-folders within the Inbox that you want to.

With IMAP4 protocol, messages remain on the ISP's IMAP server and your email program "synchronises" with the server either automatically or when you run a Send/Receive session. As Hotmail is essentially a web-based system, you may be able to create sub-folders by going to the Hotmail website to configure them.

If Hotmail is using Microsoft Exchange Server then, similarly to IMAP, Outlook will "synchronise" with the mail on the server rather than downloading and storing in your PC. This could be the reason why you have to use Outlook instead of Outlook Express which does support IMAP. Again, you may be able to configure sub-folders on the website, which Outlook will then pick up as it synchronises with the mail server.

  lotvic 00:38 16 Jul 2009

Hotmail using the DAV protocol is to be switched off on the 1st Sept 2009.
"To continue to receive e-mail from your Hotmail account, please select one of the alternative solutions below before September 1, 2009. After this day, new e-mail can only be delivered to your mail programs through the following alternative solutions."
click here
for Outlook 2002 or earlier click here

  Harper Boy 11:16 16 Jul 2009

I am grateful for the advice, but I don't think it has taken me much further forward.

First, mgmcc's reply is full of technicalities which go way over my head, I'm afraid. (My fault for lacking relevant knoweledge, but hey I don't pretend to be a techie, I just want the stuff to work!)

POP3, IMAP4 and MS Exchange Server appear to be alternatives to one another, but I have no idea what they are or what they do, or whether one or any of them is being used in my case (the reply seems to imply that POP3 would be to my advantage, but I am not clear if I have any choice in the matter).

Second, lotvic's helpful suggestion takes me to a website which explains how to get to where I am already (at least, I think so) - ie with Outlook 2002 running as my email client. Nothing there, so far as I can tell, that addresses my fundamental problem of not being able to create sub-folders.

My original question was 'is it possible using Oulook 2002 to store incoming hotmail messages in a hierarchical structure'? I think that mgcc's answer is 'yes, but only if you are using POP3', but perhaps I have misunderstood. I have since discovered that I can do precisely what I want within Outlook with my other account (BT, non-hotmail), so clearly the problem is linked to hotmail. Perhaps I should have asked an even more basic question in the first place, ie is there any email client software I can use that behaves the way OE6 used to? I don't have any special affection for Outlook, I just chose it because I was forced into it, not knowing this drawback would exist. I would be happy to go back to using it as a simple calendar.

  mgmcc 12:23 16 Jul 2009

>>> is there any email client software I can use that behaves the way OE6 used to?

Have a look at "Windows Live Mail" click here which certainly supports Hotmail accounts, although again I don't use it and so cannot elaborate on the sub-folder issue.

  lotvic 14:02 16 Jul 2009

Hotmail system is changing.
I repeat, Hotmail using the DAV protocol is to be switched off on the 1st Sept 2009.
Which means you will not be able to synchronize your folders on your pc with Hotmail Webmail so don't bother trying to make more subfolders within the Hotmail DAV section.

If you want to go back to using Outlook Express then do so. (it's what I am using)
Because the DAV protocol will shortly no longer be available you have to collect your Hotmail using the POP3 protocol which means they will be collected just like any other POP3 mail by Outlook Express and put into the same Inbox as all your other email.
Just make your sub-folders in the normal POP3 section of Outlook

You can tell how you collect your hotmail by looking at Account > Properties > Server tab, it will say 'My mail server is an HTTP server' if you are using DAV

Create a NEW account for that email address using the POP3 server settings
you don't have to delete the DAV account just yet if you don't want to, it will still work, I have both accounts on mine (I do collect manually so can choose which way at present although I will delete the DAV account when I get round to tidying up pc)

You will have to visit the Webmail Hotmail to deal with the spam Bulk Folder in future (just like you have to with any other POP3)

Hope that makes it a bit clearer. Any questions then just ask and will do best to answer :)

  Harper Boy 16:11 16 Jul 2009

Er - it's going to take me a while to get my head round this. A new acronym (DAV) has crept in! But your step-by-step seems pretty clear. Thanks.

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