Outlook 2000 (SP3) Oversize outlook.pst File

  bkkbkk 00:08 16 Jan 2007

I back up the outlook.pst file every day and have noticed that the file size remained fairly constant at 1.7 Mb for several years until July 2006 when it started to increase in size daily until it is now about 35 Mb. I have regularly compacted the folders in outlook but this does not resolve the ongoing problem, it only gives a temporary reduction in size. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks for your help which would be very welcome.

  rawprawn 10:14 16 Jan 2007

Mine is 61 MB, perhaps you were only backing up your mail before and not Contacts and Calendar?
Anyway you can always delete it and start again.

  rawprawn 10:18 16 Jan 2007

click here
and click here for Outlook backup.

  bkkbkk 03:04 17 Jan 2007

Thanks rawprawn. But problem not resolved. The links are useful but do not cover the subject of pst. file size reduction other than compacting which does not clear the problem. I forgot to mention that I do not keep any emails in Outlook (I copy any that I want to keep into Explorer). Also, I do not use any other Outlook functions except for Contacts. Therefore, all my folders except Contacts are empty when I back up the pst file. Unfortunately the problem persists. But thanks for your help anyway.

  AlanHo 08:34 17 Jan 2007

Are you sure that your Deleted Items folder is empty...

  bkkbkk 05:01 18 Jan 2007

Thanks AlanHo
When I back up the outlook.pst file each day every folder is empty except for the contacts folder. This has been the case for several years. During this time the folder size remained constant at about 1.7Mb until July last year when it started to increase in size each day. I have tried compacting the folders, I have tried reinstalling Outlook 2000 and I have tried reinstalling Office 2000 but the situation does not change the outlook.pst file keeps growing. By the way, when the first service pack is issue for Vista I will buy a new laptop with Vista and switch to the latest version of Office and Outlook. That should resolve the problem (but introduce a batch of new problems no doubt). Until then, I really would like to crack this one.

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