Outlook 2000 refusing to send some mail

  RGF 15:48 25 Oct 2004

Some mail - including using the "reply" button - fails to send with error message "Error 550 receipient not authorised.

Most mail goes without any problem and I cannot see any common link between those that work and those that don't.

Any ideas?

  rawprawn 15:55 25 Oct 2004

I'm sorry this doesn't answer your question, but occasionally when I send an email it doesn't go. I don't get an error message it just refuses to go. I have never solved the problem so I will be interested in any replies. I have found the only way is to do a new email and copy the text from the original into it, then send again. My son uses Outlook as well and has the same problem.

  SEASHANTY 16:07 25 Oct 2004

Cannot answer the question but you could use another email client. Since I installed Mozilla
browser on all my PC's I set Mozilla Mail as the default email. It has never given me any problems. Also installed the Thunderbird email client with Mozilla Firefox browser.

  Sparrowhawk 16:11 25 Oct 2004

PLEASE CONFIRM if it is a HOME PC with POP3 email or a BUSINESS PC with EXCHANGE - IMAP email?

  Sparrowhawk 18:45 25 Oct 2004


If you know how to configure your email account, you could try the following:




I had the same issue with Wanadoo. I could not send a single mail using Outlook Express with my modem Wanadoo connection.

I had to change the SMTP details to smtp.wanadoo.co.uk

Because BT and Wanadoo want to control what you send...

I copy hereafter the public part of the personal message you sent me:

Home PC (although used for some business) using btopenworld. Incidentally can send to the addresses that fail using Outlook 2000 by going onto btopenworld website and using their mail direct.

  RGF 19:04 25 Oct 2004

My current settings are
POP3 = mail.btopenworld.com
SMTP = mail.btopenworld.com
note that for most email they work perfectly - its just a select (don't know how/why they are select) few that refuse to send.

  Sparrowhawk 19:22 25 Oct 2004

Could you please confirm how many email accounts you use?
Is it a BT email?

  RGF 19:36 25 Oct 2004

2 accounts. The 1st is as stated, the default uses the following:-

incoming pop3.btconnect.com
outgoing smtp.btconnect.com

  RGF 19:40 25 Oct 2004

Just to add to confusion - changed default to the smtp (+pop3)= mail.btopenworld.com and 1 of 2 mails sent ok. 2nd still not being sent. Have changed back to pop3.btconnect.com and still not going.

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