Outlook 2000 Problem

  rawprawn 12:13 05 Apr 2005

I send out a newsletter each month to a club of which I am a member. One of the members using Outlook 2000 can't read them properly because the whole of the first 2cm of the left hand side of the page is missing. I can only assume that this is a format problem and have suggested he change to "Rich Text" but I don't know if that is the cure. He lives too far away for me to go and have a look and he is not really computer literate.All the other members receive theirs with no problem. Does anyone know why this should happen.

  DieSse 13:38 05 Apr 2005

What form is your newsletter sent in - Rich Text? - or more likely HTML? - an attached Word Doc? - or what?

  rawprawn 13:55 05 Apr 2005

Hi DieSse It is sent in Rich Text, and I copy from a word document into Outlook.I would be pleased if you can shed any light.

  DieSse 14:32 05 Apr 2005

Instead of copying from Word into Outlook, after you've composed the document choose File - Send To - mail recipient. Do your addressing from there and see if this solves his problem.

It's simpler for you (?perhaps) and maybe the problem is more to do with the copyng/pasting than his email client - yes I know it seems to work for others - but try it anyway.

  DieSse 14:34 05 Apr 2005

PS - I also use Outlook2000 - can you send me a copy and I'll have a look in mine, too. Will email you with my email addy.

  DieSse 14:34 05 Apr 2005

PPS - send a copy with both methods of transferring it, and I can see the difference (if any!)

  rawprawn 14:36 05 Apr 2005

Thanks I will send it to you both my normal way, and the way you suggest to see if there is a difference.

  rawprawn 14:45 05 Apr 2005

They are on their way.

  rawprawn 14:48 05 Apr 2005

I have never used File/Send to before, It is a much better way than the way I was doing it.Thanks for the tip.

  DieSse 14:48 05 Apr 2005

See my replies - one OK, the other - left hand egde missing!

  rawprawn 15:13 05 Apr 2005

I have sent it to you again using File/Send to check, because I have no way of telling which was which fro your reply. If this last one is OK then I will know that the problem was in copying and pasting.

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