Outlook 10 will not send/receive

  Mr. Chips 15:46 18 Jun 2014

Hi there.

I have a new PC with Windows 8.1

Outlook, which was running ok, will now not automatically send or look for new messages when it opens. I sent myself a test email which has not arrived.

In the File - account setup area I have checked to make sure that the servers are set up and work ok. This check says I am, for both incoming and outgoing. I am not 'working Off Line' I have tried running the Office CD and did a 'repair'. ... That didn't work. I have tried the send/receive button on the Outlook Options page.

Ant ideas what else to try please?

I rely heavily on emails and this is a bit of a nuisance, to say the least!

Any advice will be great fully accepted.

  Woolwell 15:59 18 Jun 2014

You've had previous threads about this. Best to stick to one.

I assume that you mean Outlook 2010.

Are you getting any e-mails? If the test message hasn't been received this is an indication that your settings for your account are wrong. You will need to double check them.

I have previously mentioned send/receive groups. You may well need to create a new one see MS Support

  Mr. Chips 16:13 18 Jun 2014

Thanks Woolwell.

I did have a file location problem 2 years ago which you solved for me, if I remember properly .

Indeed it is Outlook2010 .... I should have been more explicit ..... Sorry.

I will look into send/receive groups, which I have not heard of before.

I am getting no emails at all. But according to the set up check tool, they are set up correctly .... And they look correct, visually.

  Woolwell 16:19 18 Jun 2014

If you are not getting any emails then I think that you will need to double check your settings. Who is your provider?

I suspect that the automatic send/receive may well be working but your receive settings are incorrect. Could be wrong though!

Can you use their webmail (through browser) to read them there?

  Mr. Chips 16:48 18 Jun 2014

Yes. I can access via web mail. ...... But I have Outlook VBA written to off-load into a database so I need outlook working.

Before the problem started Outlook used to advise me the programme was sending and receiving . That notification is now missing.

When in web mail, I am unable to see my test message as received. Nor does it show in the outbox as unsent. Just sent a test email to my iPad, and that showed the 'sending' notification I mentioned above .... So that has improved!

I use Utilities Warehouse at the moment and they are aware that I am switching to BT on 1st July.

Thanks for your time in trying to help me.

  Woolwell 19:21 18 Jun 2014

Still think that it must be a settings problem.

  Mr. Chips 20:19 18 Jun 2014

I am sure that you are correct.

I was hoping that a 'repair' using the Office CD would work. Perhaps I would be better un-installing Office altogether, and re-installing.

I am no expert in this ... are there pit-falls that might make this a dodgy option.

  Mr. Chips 20:22 18 Jun 2014

I might just ask that question on a new thread

  Woolwell 20:26 18 Jun 2014

It is unlikely that a repair will work nor uninstalling and reinstalling.

I had forgotten that about uwclubnet. Make sure that the ports are correct see uwclub mail set up.

You will need to change most for BT in the near future.

  Mr. Chips 21:41 18 Jun 2014

Shame. I thought that a reinstall would bring me back to the starting point that worked when I first installed it.

I checked the settings again. They seem ok except I can't force the port number in for the SMTP server.

Anyway ..... On the same setup page there is a test setup button which shows connection to both servers as ok!

I am beginning to lose my will to live!

  Woolwell 22:12 18 Jun 2014

The test set up button isn't that clever. You can only really be sure when the test message is sent and received.

The port number should be able to be changed using the advanced tab. But smtp is used for sending not receiving and you cannot receive.

I think that you may need to create a new profile and start from scratch. See MS Support

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