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  soldier boy 11:38 18 Feb 2009

My ISP is ntl cable (now Virgin Media). I have no problems with incoming mail using Outlook Express and get lots of emails. However when I try to send an email I get the following error message. An unknown error has occurred. Account: 'pop.ntlworld.com', Server: 'smtp.ntlworld.com', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '421 aamtaout04-winn.ispmail.ntl.com connection refused from []', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 421, Error Number: 0x800CCC67.
I have spoken to Virgin Media and after all their test concluded that it must be getting blocked by me security software. I use Norton 360. Would Norton allow incoming and block outgoing? If so how do I unblock it?

  recap 11:52 18 Feb 2009

It may be a simple fix, ensure that the tick is off under "My server requires authentication" in the account properties in OE. You will find this if you go to Tools/Accounts/Mail/Properties/Servers/Out going Server.

  mgmcc 14:32 18 Feb 2009

>>> connection refused from []

That IP address *DOES NOT* appear to be a Virgin address? Are you connecting to the internet with a non-Virgin connection and then trying to send mail with Virgin's (NTL's) SMTP server?

For details of the IP address click here

  march 14:56 18 Feb 2009

soldier boy

dont know if this will be same problem I had

click here

  soldier boy 14:45 19 Feb 2009


Virgin Media took over NTL and Blue Yonder. Therefore the now cover the following email addresses @viring merdia.com, @ntl.com and @blueyonder.com

  soldier boy 14:49 19 Feb 2009


There is no tick in the box "My server requiresx aauthentication

  soldier boy 14:59 19 Feb 2009


I have tried that but it still does not work. If I leave the message in the outbox long enough it will eventually be sent. For example I sent a friend an email in October 08 and it was delivered on 5 February 09!!. His auto response came to me on 5 Feb!!

  march 15:08 19 Feb 2009

hi soldier boy

when I had this problem I deleted & retyped under server


& it worked even though thats what was typed in first place you could try it, hopefully might work


  mgmcc 19:24 19 Feb 2009

>>> Virgin Media took over NTL and Blue Yonder.
>>> Therefore the now cover the following email
>>> addresses @viring merdia.com, @ntl.com and
>>> @blueyonder.com

Yes, as a Virgin/Blueyonder customer, I'm well aware of that, but it doesn't alter the fact that the IP address that was blocked - - and from which you appear to be trying to send mail seems *NOT* to be a Virgin/NTL/Blueyonder IP address. Virgin's SMTP mail servers will not deliver mail from a computer that isn't connected to the internet with a Virgin connection (although there are exceptions which I won't go into).

  lotvic 19:59 19 Feb 2009

I have just put
into Google and was horrified at the results, seems to be some sort of Spam Harvester

Google results click here

  soldier boy 18:24 22 Feb 2009

Hi mgmcc

Thanks for your help. I believe that I am conected to the internet via Virgin media, they provide my cable modem and I pay them a monthly fee for their broadband services. A Virgin engineer recently checked the modem and said it was working correctly. Have you any idea why the error message gives the IP address Any idea how I can direct my email to the correct IP Address

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