whatnext 18:48 04 May 2007

Can anyone give me some advice? I purchased a P.Bell laptop just over one year and two months ago. It never worked 100% (I had problems with the screen etc.) but they were always minor so I didnt take it back for a repair etc. Of course my one year warranty has now expired and the computer has now stopped working completely. Ive been told it could be quite serious given that when i try to turn it on although the AC and battery lights turn on, nothing else happens at all. When I took the machine to the store I purchased it at, I was told they cant help me and I'd need to phone the manfacturer, but that they would charge £120 just to send it somewhere and have a look at it - it wouldn't include the repair cost! Given how much the computer cost Im upset about this extra expense. Im also concerned that the costs for this could spiral and that it may even be cheaper to purchase a new comp...! Given that the problem could be quite serious(ie the motherboard) and after a mere 1yr 2mnths it has stopped working (due to no fault of my own - it was working fine the last time i used it), does anyone know what rights I have as a consumer? Surely it's not acceptable for a product as expensive as a computer to have such a short life. Any advice as what I should do would be much appreciated. PS Im planning to write of a complaint to PBell although I sceptical as to their response (if I get one!)

  Totally-braindead 19:15 04 May 2007

If it was me and my laptop had some sort of fault within the warranty period I would have got it fixed there and then as it might have been a sign that something else was failing.
That aside I think that since the one year warranty period is passed you are stuck with it. Contacting PB certainly seems like a reasonable idea, they might look at it for customer service but they have no legal obligation to do so.
I've limited experience with laptops, I have found them differcult to work with and almost impossible to repair personally.
If PB won't help then I'm afraid you have the two real choices you listed, find someone to look at it and see if it can be repaired, at whatever cost it will be for someone to look at it, or buy another computer.
Sorry I can't be of help but as the laptops over a year old as far as I know you have no comeback at all.
Sorry, maybe someone else will have an idea or perhaps a cheaper company who will look at it for you.

  whatnext 17:20 05 May 2007

Thanks totally braindead for your reply. In retrospect Id have done some things differently. You live and learn I guess. I find it interesting that you say you prefer computers - I was actually thinking if i did end up having to get a new machine, a computer would be better. Im getting my laptop looked at tomorrow and just keeping my fingers crossed it's not gonna cost a bomb. I think i'm still gonna write to PB just to log my disatisfaction with their product.
Thanks for your time.

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