sutt 06:03 26 Feb 2006

my monitor keeps showing out of range and switching off putting the pc into stand by mode.
can anyone suggest any reasons why ??
i thought it might have to do with power as i have a cheap 600watt psu.
im running : x2 dvd writers
x3 hard drives
creative Audigy 2 sound card
6600 gt graphic`s card
have tried un plugging one hard drive and a writer but it still goes out of range .
any idea`s???

  remind 06:08 26 Feb 2006

Something is attempting to change your screen mode/resolution to a setting your monitor can't handle, boot in safe mode (hit f8 while booting) and set it to 640x480 or 800x600 if you can't get into Windows at all at the moment, otherwise check your display settings and perhaps remove and re-install your graphics drivers - click here

  Derek 06:46 26 Feb 2006

Is it the case where you are unable to sort matters out because your screen collapses before you have a proper chance to investigate and make alterations?

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